Prince Charming? Prince Harry Only Screws Blue Bloods Because He Can Control Them

Prince Charming? Prince Harry Only Screws Blue Bloods Because He Can Control Them 1004

Tatler magazine has a feature on Prince Harry this month, and although it basically tells the same old wild prince/dirty Harry type stories, some of the info is quite interesting. Like the fact he only messes around with aristocratic girls in his circle because he knows they can’t blab after he screws them and leaves in the morning. He knows these rich chicks won’t sell stories to the press because they (and their families) have too much to lose. Very smart Harry. Very smart.

In addition, Tatler discusses his overwhelming love for Chelsy Davy who it calls the “the antithesis of all things Middleton.” Check out the good parts below via the Daily Beast.

On Chelsy Davy: “Chelsy used to drive him mad. She knew how to press his buttons and was quite capable of turning off her phone for days if he’d pissed her off, or of leaving a club without him if she thought he was acting like a dick. ‘Harry has never felt the same about anyone as he did about Chelsy – mainly, I think, because the other girls he’s been with have been too eager to please,’ says a source.”

On swiping photos: “At a house party in 2007, one disgruntled guest remembers having her whole camera wiped because Harry’s  security guards thought that there was a photograph of the prince inhaling a laughing gas balloon in the background. ‘They came over and deleted all my pictures. I wasn’t even taking a photo of Harry. It was bloody annoying.'”

On Prince Harry’s girlfriends: “(Harry) made an executive decision a few years ago to go only for girls who had enough to lose by going to the press; consequently, those he has tended to pursue come from a very small catchment. This – maddening though it is for the girls, who all tend to know one another – has been key to keeping his sex life out of the public domain.”

There’s a lot of good stuff here, right? I love the part about the girlfriends. Suffice it to say Prince Harry’s blue blooded dating pool has got to be small and everybody knows each other. That doesn’t even faze him. He just screws his way through it and lets the girls figure it out. Do all those chicks just give him a pass? Do they acknowledge he’s screwing all of them but let it happen because everyone wants a shot at becoming a princess? It’s so incestuous! But this is the royal family we’re talking about.

The article also said Harry used to hide while smoking at school and his security minders would tip him off if they saw a teacher coming. Now, that just pisses me off.

Oh but Chelsy! His one true love. I love me some Chelsy even though she comes across as kind of a bitch in this story, right? She reads Harry like a book and does NOT let him play her. I appreciate that but I wonder if he needed a softer approach from her at times. Or would he just have steamrolled over her if she went easier on him? They need to get back together. She’s the anti-Middleton. Think of the stories that would come out of Kensington if Chelsy was there. Kate complains to Prince William because she walked in on Harry and Chelsy going at it in the library! It could happen. Naked boobies in Provence will have nothing on Harry and Chelsy. But you’ve got to think Kate’s scandal has scared off Chelsy for good. Chelsy has had a wild past. Who knows what kind of pictures are circling of her. If the press went after perfect Kate, what would they do to Chelsy? She doesn’t want to be scrutinized by the whole world. I’ve been holding out hope that Chelsy would come back but Kate Middleton’s boobs have ruined it for all of us. Damn you boobs!

Are you surprised by the Prince Harry Tatler story? Do you think his womanizing is a bit heartless or is it just par for the course for a prince?

Photo Credit: Tatler magazine

6 responses to “Prince Charming? Prince Harry Only Screws Blue Bloods Because He Can Control Them”

  1. Denese says:

    This has been going on forever. Charles did the same thing with Sarah Spencer and then with younger sister Diana. It was also tradition to have affairs with the wives of aristocrats. Not only are they discrete, but being married, there are no expectations.

  2. Livy says:

    RIGHT ON, Chelsy! That’s just the best thing to do with a guy who can’t pull his self straight. Prince or No Prince, A man should know better how to treat a woman, and Chelsy has been trying to tell him how he could finally convince her to submit to a “royal marriage”. She knows she has so much independence to loose once she submits to “the firm” and Harry becoming a Real Man to her is the least she expected fro him.

  3. Sarah says:

    it is the most ridiculous writing I’ve read about Prince Harry
    and Chelsy Davy! She basically just wanted to have a great control over Prince
    Harry, which was just a disgusting way to have a relationship with!! If you
    really truly love someone why would you want have a full control of his action?
    Turning phone calls for days? And walk off in the public? Obviously Chelsy was
    trying to show off her relationship with Prince Harry to the paparazzi!! What a
    pathetic way to gain affection and draw attention from Prince Harry and to have
    a free ride from Prince Harry to become famous!!

  4. Yvy says:

    There was no love between them, not at all!! She is not Prince Harry’s
    true love and she will never ever be one!! Her great men skills from her
    previous scandalized relationships with many other men provided a great stairs
    for her to flirt and seduce Prince Harry! The relationship between Prince Harry
    and her was all based on her bestial animalistic behavior towards Prince Harry.
    It was no love at all, it was simply just lusts satisfaction from her to Prince
    Harry!! Her behaviors were shameless and sleazy!!

  5. I don’t hate chelsy but the excessive amount of ass kissing you give her makes your chelsy/harry stories unreliable.
    Chelsy seems like the girl who threw temper tantrums to get the attention that she wanted. I hate how the media acts like harry was whipped by this girl. Other than harry, chelsy has only dated creepy rich guys who own valuable property.

  6. John Riley Goldsmith says:

    The royal family could really use an aggressive lady lawyer with a background in economics. Chelsy should tell Harry she will marry him if he (1) gets an instrument rating in the Apache and (2) if he gets permission from both her father and the Inn of Court where she is currently practicing law.