Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan is Crazy!

Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan is Crazy!

Did you catch last nights’ installment of The Real Housewives’ of New York?  If so then you saw Sonja Morgan repeatedly make a complete ass out of herself.  Her special blend of crazy started early in the episode when she was very late for a photo shoot.  Not just any shoot, but one that is intended to help brand her and features her toaster oven that she is desperately trying to peddle to the public.  Fellow housewife, Heather Thomson, was doing Sonja a big favor by assembling a team to make the shoot a reality.  Sonja showed up more than an hour late acting oblivious and entitled.  She didn’t want her makeup done, she wanted breakfast. Heather did a bang-up job of keeping things under control and on-point as Sonja tried to unravel and disrupt every moment of the shoot.

At one point Sonja left the set announcing that she needed to change her tampon!  As most of the crew looked at her in shock she grabbed a male friend and made him come to the bathroom with her.  She wanted someone to see how “Young” her uterus still is and how she was practically bleeding to death!  The pal followed her and was horrified by the “blood bath”!  She then ran back onto the set like her TMI moments were perfectly normal.

After Heather kept things together and made sure that every moment of the photo shoot happened, Sonja went around badmouthing her to the rest of the cast, saying that Heather did absolutely nothing to help her.  Within 60 minutes last night Sonja made herself look like an ignorant, self absorbed, absolutely entitled dingbat.  The whole tampon conversation while on camera leaves me undecided- was she looking for extra attention or is she simply that special kind of crazy?

Is Sonja bonkers or just going above and beyond to grab attention from the other girls?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • TruGal

    You hit the nail on the head—she has a sense of entitlement that only someone with at least THREE unpaid interns would have. (RUN, do not walk, interns….this woman is toxic!)
    The tampon incident was disgusting. Her dismissiveness towards Heather and a team of professionals most people would kill for made me nauseous. Her wishy-washiness is stale, and now when I see Ramona and Sonja wrapped in each others arms I see only two VERY, very mean little girls who never grew up. This episode made me ANGRY, and I just wish Heather and her team would have abandoned Sonja and called her the ingrate she is.

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