Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Meet And Have An Ugly Fight

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Meet And Have An Ugly Fight 0911

Perhaps Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s road to reconciliation wasn’t as smooth as we began to think. OK! magazine reports that just a month ago the Twilight twosome was at each other’s throats and couldn’t even stand to be in the same room together without getting into it. It got so bad they even needed moderators!

“They had a sit-down meeting with all their reps and lawyers last month,” a friend told OK!. “Kristen tried to speak to Rob but he ignored her, then one of his people stepped in and blocked her from trying again. She started yelling, saying he was being ridiculous, but he just looked at her like she was crazy. The last time they spoke Kristen made the fatal error of asking about his nights out with Katy and some of the other women he’s close to.”

Oh, snap! Looks like Rob’s attempts to make Kristen jealous by being linked with every available girl under the sun worked! But these histrionics are a bit much, don’t you think? I thought we reached some headway in the whole “Rob and Kristen hate each other” saga. Clearly OK! didn’t get the memo or is refusing to give up on the golden goose gossip story of the summer. 

I think OK!’s just late on the draw. It had no idea that Kristen’s people were going to make it known at TIFF that the couple was back together. Remember when I asked you guys when you thought the reconciliation took place? Can we play along with this story and imagine Robert and Kristen hugged it out after this dramatic meeting but then Kristen refused to let go and sobbed in his forgiving arms until he agreed to give her another shot. Maybe? Maybe not? Because I believe my sources over OK! magazine and if they tell me Rob and Kristen are back together than they’re back together.

Although I did read something from some other site yesterday that argued the joyous news could be a ploy just to get Kristen back into her fans’ good graces before Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II hits the big screen. Would Kristen do that? I know Summit would, but would Kristen? And better question, would Robert? He owes her nothing. If he’s as worried about what his fans think as much as I’m hearing then why give the OK for Kristen’s people to release the story? It seems you can’t do anything without alienating at least one faction of the Twihards and Rob forgiving Kristen is not in his best interest. I can only believe Kristen is spreading the story because it’s true, but I’m naive and a sucker.

Isn’t it nuts how political the status of this couple is? I suppose millions are resting on it but, let’s face it, Twilight will do well if Rob and Kristen kiss and make up or duke it out in front of their lawyers and reps. Magazines, on the other hand, tend to perform better when celebs violently hate each other so I’m sticking to my guns. Rob and Kristen FOREVER!

Do you still believe Rob and Kristen are secretly dating again or could the reconciliation just be a plot to spin Kristen’s image? Is the meeting scenario described by OK! realistic?

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9 responses to “Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Meet And Have An Ugly Fight”

  1. No I don’t think so. But if he decides to get back, it’s going to be hard…. For both of them… But walk your own road. Kids…. Good luck.. We just want you both to be happy…

  2. I am so tired of hearing how Kristen is so good and so hurt. You know what? She brought all of this on herself. She does not deserve to be forgiven. You don’t go around hurting people and then expecting everyone to fall head or heals for you. Give me a break. This girl needs to cut her losses and move on.

    • chloe says:

      yeah but have you ever heard of people making mistakes! obviously her mistake was a bit extremes but I don’t see anyone else helping them get back to together! considering the fans help them get together and help with there careers!

  3. ap says:

    she need to see a shrink to help her out how destructive she is.Kristen has some mental and emotional problem either that or she is just plain stupid and immature and lack of moral values.these people need to mind thier own life forcing to take her back.she need to better herself before messing Rob life again.she is a negative forces in Robs life.Rob gave her class .she is rude and crude.look what she did to him.unbelievably humiliating.

  4. Tom Giles says:

    Not only are they together, they never split. There was non- talking, arguments, babysteps to recovery and now they are properly trying to make it work.

    But all of that’s too boring, too civilized, too drama-free for outlets. So we’re back to the “conspiracy” that the make-up is all a “professional” game for BD2.

    And people call fans the crazy ones..

  5. I think these stories are being put out to raise the images of Kristen and Rob. [Kristen for the indiscretion.] [Rob is taking hits because he has been made to look mean, by not forgiving Kristen, for not making a statement, or getting back together.] It is also “make nice” time 9 weeks before BD2 hits the theaters. It’s too early to date, but they both have to know they can eventually get dates with new people, so they can both move o if they want to.. Are they back together and really missing each other? Who knows. I am sure they are both

  6. […] if I were her. There are crazies out there! But maybe this is why she snaps at bodyguards and freaks out at Rob during meetings. She has to deal with sh-t like this on a daily basis! It might not all be girls rocking her car but […]

  7. MESC says:

    I think that he should forgive her and give her a second chance. I think that the media just needs to lay off. It sucks that these things happened – but why all the backlash on her? No one cares that a married man was a part of this too? People cheat all of the time – but the media has turned this into a huge ordeal that it didnt have to be. They should get back to tegether and work things out. Move back to his home town!