Robert Pattinson Makes Kristen Stewart Buy Separate House Despite Kissing and Cuddling

Robert Pattinson Makes Kristen Stewart Buy Separate House Despite Kissing and Cuddling

New photos surfaced on Thursday showing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart having a smooch session by the poolside at her new Los Angeles home. Are these signs of a true reconciliation? Were we wrong all along? Allegedly, Pattinson assisted Stewart in choosing her new Los Feliz mansion made from unicorns and love, “because he wanted to have her live close by.” According to a RadarOnline source, “Soon after Kristen’s affair with Rupert Sanders was exposed, she had to find herself a new home. Kristen loved living in Los Feliz and found a few properties she absolutely loved, but she needed a second opinion and asked Robert for his advice.

In the images of the couple canoodling, Stewart steps out of the pool while Pattinson awaits her with a coffee mug and a bathrobe. They are then spotted kissing and holding one another as they walk inside the house. It does look like a true reconciliation, but are we buying it this time? Yes, we think we are. It is quite possible that this “showmance” reignited old feelings between the couple and had them falling in love all over again. You’re not going to hear any “aww shucks” from us, because we still have a sneaky suspicion that something is going on behind the scenes we are not aware of.

The source explained to RadarOnline, “Torn between letting Kristen go and trying to make their relationship work again, Robert told her he didn’t want her to be far away. But he was quick to also say, he didn’t want them to live together while they were trying to sort out their differences. Robert wants his own space and wants to take it very slowly to see if their relationship is repairable.” The $2 million property bought by Stewart is “hidden behind high walls, surrounded by tropical landscaping and has a beautiful view of the eastern Los Angeles skyline.” It sounds like a lush mansion made by dreams in the minds of small children.

What is going on behind the closed doors of this mansion between Stewart and Pattinson? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment, but what we can say for certain, if this reconciliation is true and we were wrong all along, and Summit Entertainment had nothing to do with the initial spark, call us Steve and slap us with the saddest fish you can find. What do you think readers? Do you think it is real? Are they madly in love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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