Robert Pattinson Wants Kristen Stewart Only On His Terms

Robert Pattinson Wants Kristen Stewart Only On His Terms 0912

For now, Robert Pattinson is keeping things purely “professional” with ex-girlfriend (maybe current girlfriend) Kristen Stewart. A source told The Sun, he’s agreed to walk the red carpet with Kristen so he can prove to his fans that he’s the better man and above all the hate in order to give the people the show they want as Twilight’s last hurrah draws to a close.

The source said, “It’s a purely business decision. He’s keen to make sure fans and Hollywood see he can be professional when it comes to Kristen.”

OK, now this sh-t is getting a little ridiculous. I heard they’re back together so I’m keeping this story in that context. Rob seems like a p-ssy when it comes to his fans. He’s so worried he’s going to offend the Twihards. What happened to the guy who said he wouldn’t care if he quit the business? What happened to the guy who said Hollywood isn’t a nice place? What happened to the guy who said his personal life is separate from his professional? Because that guy shouldn’t care if certain hyper-psychotic fans freak out at him for getting back together with the girl who cheated on him.

I’m sensing this is a calculated move. Kristen’s people let it slip at TIFF that she and Rob are back together but his people were hesitant to make it widely known because they were afraid of the backlash from the fans. Fine. Now the stories coming out are all about Rob distancing himself from Kristen. Yesterday we reported they met with their people and couldn’t be in the same room without coming to blows. And today, this. Are these stories in response to Kristen’s TIFF story? Is Rob trying to keep his fans and his relationship? Will he and Kristen play the just friends card until the promotional tour for Twilight is over and then continue their love fest? That’s what it seems like to me. They’re probably just taking this one step at a time. Get Kristen’s first interviews over with at TIFF and judge the reaction and move on accordingly. It should make for a very interesting next couple months. There will be constant are they or aren’t they speculation which will make the studios happy and keep the Twihards on their toes.

Or I could be horribly wrong and Rob could still hate Kristen and really only want a professional relationship with her. I’m so confused! What about you? Do you think Rob’s distancing himself from Kristen in the press so no one catches on they’re back together? Or is it more straightforward? Is Rob still not ready to forgive her?

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8 responses to “Robert Pattinson Wants Kristen Stewart Only On His Terms”

  1. Em says:

    they aren’t back together fail

  2. Jack says:

    I’ve found this story very interesting even though I’m not a fan of either of them (nothing against them, just not seen any of their movies). What’s intriguing me are the layers of PR, planted and fabricated rumour amongst what is a (let’s assume) real major personal trauma for them both. I’ve never much visited gossip sites before and never realised how much they vary in quality but I like your analyses which seem non-nonsense, unbiased and thought through.
    The problem as I see it is that it’s hard to know which of the soft rumours are planted by PR teams and which are just made up by the more unscrupulous gossip sites to give them hits. If Kristen and Rob were back together, speculation would die down and there’d be less for these sites to publish so it’s not as if they don’t have the motivation. I had got the impression in my brief acquaintance that Lainey was the kind of site that wouldn’t want to make such a definitive statement if she wasn’t sure it was true. She seems biased towards Kristen for whatever reason and doesn’t really seem to rate Rob, so there might be a temptation to carry Kristen team propaganda even if not strictly true. But is that worth the price of being shown to be wrong on such a major call, stated so definitely (“They are!”)? I wouldn’t have thought so. Of course maybe Kristen’s people misled her but that’s surely crass stupidity when she’s one of the few on their side. Are any other even semi-reliable sources backing her up?

  3. Jay says:

    More like they will play friends till BD2 is done and then he’ll move on and never look back. You should really try not to be so obvious about your diehard Robsten status.

  4. The planting of false information on Lainey was a crucial PR move not only by team Kristen but possibly by the Twilight group. Note that the information on a reconciliation was sort of embedded in the story as ‘They told us’ and not even as the main point of the story. It was then picked up by all the other sites who have far more interest in being read than in being accurate. Of course, they had to explain why Rob (there isn’t so much of a team Rob even now) wouldn’t confirm this in some way, so they came up with this rather lame and implausible story about an anticipated fan reaction. This only really works for people who haven’t been following the actual and confirmed events and have no real idea of the effects of cheating on trusting relationships.

  5. Marisella Hernandez says:

    I loved Rob but now I just dont know anymore. I dont like his very prima dona attitude. And now he wants to reconcile Business wise. Really. Cuz he needs her in hollywood? Doesnt feel fit to cut it on his own. very disappointing….maybe he was always using her

  6. lulu collazo says:

    He will never take her back. It’s so hard to deal with the truth! It’s all about money, his reputation, his career, it’s about him. He is a proud fellow, who has a different upbringing and her mistake is not acceptable nor forgivable. He comes from a culture with very strong puritanical believes. Monarchy plays it’s part. Just take a look at what happened to Lady Di, or in Spain with Letizia. They are still very old school, very conservative when it comes to choose a partner. This is the best that could have happened to Kristen, she is still young and beautiful and will find her “prince” with a forgiving heart.

  7. Nancy Ramsey says:

    i think thay are getting backtogather

  8. lollagurl says:

    Hey I applaud Robert Pattinson for being the better man. I think they are good for each other. I can see the chemistry but if I had to choose I think Taylor Lautner is way more hotter.