Russell Brand Dumped Katy Perry Over Substance Abuse Issues

Russell Brand Dumped Katy Perry Over Substance Abuse Issues

Russell Brand has a long and sordid history of substance abuse and has only been clean for a relatively short period of time. His sobriety is something that he values above all else and guards with all of his might. Now the Mirror has revealed that Katy Perry‘s party hardy lifestyle, and her refusal to settle down and have a family, are what forced Russell to file for divorce. Russell’s very life was in jeopardy as Katy was too selfish to adopt a clean lifestyle to help her husband stay sober.

The couple had a series of huge bust-ups over her partying and boozing lifestyle in the approach to the collapse of their 14-month marriage.  Russell at 36 had finally beaten booze and drugs and needed to shun the Hollywood clubbing scene in order to start a family with Katy. But Katy at 27 and full of ambition to become a movie star didn’t want to become a “Hollywood housewife.”

A source close to the couple said Katy took off her wedding ring and gave it back to Russell after one last fearsome fight a week before Christmas.

The couple spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart – Katy in Hawaii, Russell in Cornwall – before he instructed his lawyers to start divorce proceedings on Friday.

Insiders have revealed how the couple had marriage counselling to try to avoid a divorce while keeping up a public pretense that they were happy together.  Their lawyers twice were close to an ­agreement to put out a statement that they would be spending some time apart – only for Katy and Russell to pull back from the brink each time.

A friend said last night: “The marriage was over a long time ago, and they both knew it.  Their lives were heading in ­completely opposite directions and they realised they had ­nothing in common and no future.  Russell left his party lifestyle behind a long time ago because it nearly killed him. All he wanted to do is stay at home, do his yoga, keep his demons away and have a family with Katy.”

The first year of the marriage was safe for the couple because it was dominated by Katy’s 122-date California Dreams tour. “But when Katy had rare time off from her touring all she wanted to do was go out partying in Hollywood,” said the source.

“He wanted her to stay at home, do the whole Hollywood housewives thing. But that was never going to happen for Katy, she loves her singing career.”

Russell, who has been treated for drug and alcohol addiction, began to argue with Katy over her ­partying lifestyle.

The friend said: “Russell may have this wild image but he takes his ­recovery very seriously because he knows his problems with drink and drugs in the past nearly killed him. Because of her tour commitments, Russell’s time with Katy was precious and he didn’t want to spend it ­partying all the time.”

“He couldn’t handle Katy’s drinking. They didn’t get on when she went out and this caused further resentment and rows.  He was a heroin addict and now he’s not. He was addicted to all kinds of things and now he’s not. And he basically used to be a professional prostitute and now he’s not.”

The split between the couple is starting to make sense: Russell as a recovered addict could neither participate in, nor tolerate, Katy’s partying – and her refusal to settle down and have kids sealed the case… and Russell filed for divorce.

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