Selfish Jennifer Aniston Ignores Ailing Mother: Nancy Dow Suffers Stroke Alone – Report

Selfish Jennifer Aniston Ignores Ailing Mother: Nancy Dow Suffers Stroke Alone - Report

Someone is going to bypass the Naughty list this year and take the fast track to the Horrible Child list instead.  Radar Online is reporting that Jennifer Aniston, the former Mrs. Brad Pitt and soon to be Mrs. Justin Theroux, has been ignoring her ailing mother, Nancy Dow.

Nancy was admitted in to Glendale Memorial Hospital after falling and breaking her shoulder on November 6.  Apparently, during surgery she suffered her second stroke in a year and had to remain in the hospital for treatment.  So who was by her side during this difficult time in her life?  I don’t know, but it sure as heck wasn’t her own flesh and blood.

According to a source for Star, Nancy’s daughter Jennifer Aniston has been M.I.A.  “She hasn’t talked to or visited Nancy once since she was admitted.  She should’ve been there for the shoulder surgery alone!  And the stroke is really serious.  Nancy is an old lady and she’s very sick;  it’s breaking her heart that Jen is ignoring her.”

Now, I know that the mother/daughter duo had been estranged for a long time, since Nancy wrote a tell-all book about Jen; but there were countless stories about Jen burying the hatchet with her mom after her marriage to Brad Pitt fell apart.  But now…what the hell kind of daughter doesn’t visit their sick mother in the hospital?!

Several people believed that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a fairy tale couple, but perhaps her callousness toward her mom is a telling factor about her true personality and another reason why Brad chose Angelina Jolie to be his lifelong partner instead.

Perhaps I’m reaching a bit, but…no, I’m not reaching.  Jen, when you’re mother goes in for surgery you should be at her side no matter what issues you have with each other.  You have resources at your disposal that would allow you to be there and I’m sure studios would have no problem giving you time off to go to her… if you were working.  You know it’s stupid instances like this that make me wonder what wealth and celebrity do to people.

What do you think readers?  Are Jen and her mom still angry with each other?  Did Jen truly bury the hatchet and forgive her mom?  Is Jennifer Aniston just a bitch who cares more about her stupid wedding to the only guy who could finally stand her ass than to take time out to check on her mom?

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  • I’m JenniferAnistonsHomelessMan on the web!And its a true story!There is one of two things happening with Jen !Either she is just a mean heartless bitch !Or Justin is keeping her high and drunk enough to stay with him,so he can take Jennifer for her money!I’m a nice guy ! And if I had a rich&famous girlfriend ! I would be embarased if she had her own homelessman that was almost droping dead because of what she did to him! I would tell her she ought to pay him off ! Because it makes her look bad !But you dont see Justin doing that because he wants to take her for every dollar that she has!He’s probably extorting her into marrying him !I’m not in love with Jen !I just worked with her !So dont think that I’m a stalker because I’m not ! I just want the money that she owes me !I’m also thechicagokid1 (NoSpaces)On youtube ! Dont hit on popups below the searchbox !

  • tahoegeminii

    regardless of any grudge poor Jen is grinding against her mother-she is DYING and since Jen and her PR go around spewing this image of how wonderful and down to earth she is maybe she should just try to fake it a little-and stop doing things to stab her mother in the back like inviting Brad’s homophobic mom to a gay Hollywood wedding or waiting for her mom to die before she sets a date when we all know she is drooling to put the shackles on Justin before he realizes the money ain’t worth it-but since her whole fauxmance is more about spite and revenge than love she will wait til her mom dies and Brad and Angie announce a date then do anything within her power to try an upstage or otherwise ruin their wedding-bet on it-Vegas would take that bet-Vegas knows true colors when they see them and “poor Jen’s” are all black heart

  • First of all, we don’t know if any of this is true. Secondly, I think this is a private issue between Jennifer and her mother. Being that Jen became close to Brad’s mom shows that she is NO bitch and we don’t know what kind of mother her mom is apparently not a great one since she has been estranged from her daughter for a while. We all know about toxic parents so who knows what the real story is here. If we are not good parents to our children they will NOT be there when we become ill and you can’t really blame them. I know because my BF’s mother is an absolute bitch but she put on a good victim show for the doctors and nurses last time she was in the hospital for a heart attack. He went to see her out of a feeling of obligation, since her other children have disowned her, and she treated him like crap and tried to get him arrested, so he swore he would never go back even if she was dying. I honestly can’t say I blame him. Again, only Jen and her Mom know the truth so lay off, I still think she is great!