Taylor Swift Pregnant and Harry Styles Trapped – Report

Taylor Swift Pregnant and Harry Styles Trapped

Good girl Taylor Swift ain’t so good, and everyone’s going to know it when the premarital baby bump starts to show. We have no problem with the circumstance, but Taylor is so obsessed with the innocent act, when really—the girl will be wearing harlot red to her wedding! Famous Magazine reports in their cover story “Taylor Pregnant, Harry Trapped, ‘I’m Not Ready For This: A Dad at 18, His Emotional Reaction To The Baby News” that Harry Styles, hairiest member of hit band One Direction and cougar Taylor’s latest prey has indeed knocked up the country singer.

Now, nothing is confirmed but we expect Harry will open his big gob and say something about it soon. That’s what we love about Taylor dating one of the 1D boys: they are super honest and frank about sex! Harry even told about his first time (with his best friend’s mother, no less!) to OK! Magazine, and it was a cover story! The guys are really supportive of condoms and STD prevention, and we know that if (when) Harry and Taylor split, Harry will be telling us all the raunchy details!

For those of you who still want to believe Taylor is a virginal girl from Tennessee, check out our report on the very obvious walk of shame Harry did after a sexy night with Taylor in her NYC hotel room. He didn’t even have someone in his entourage bring him a change of clothes or get his own suite in the same building—it was straight up: the same clothes, tousled hair, and a morning after departure around brunch time. Do you think Taylor would be stupid enough to get pregnant on accident, or is this her “obsessed with having a fairy tale family” gene coming out? Did she get pregnant on purpose to trap Harry into marrying her? Is she really pregnant? Let us know what you think!

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19 responses to “Taylor Swift Pregnant and Harry Styles Trapped – Report”

  1. Mor1dforme says:

    Biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen in my entire life…

  2. dude says:

    Robin, there is a special place in Hell for gossip bloggers like you. It’s a lie and you know it. What’s sad is that anyone is stupid enough to believe this. So Robyn are you a bullie gossip monger, a lier, or just stupid ?

  3. Lie says:

    Soooo many things wrong with this article that proves itself to be lies. This article is CRAP!!

  4. reina says:

    hahaha this is awesome go robyn dont listen to the haters you just reporting what the magazines said at the end you even ask if its true but for sure we know taylor is one big lying slut and everyone knows it unless they believe the lie so everyone can just shut up because your job is to report whats happeninga nd you did that and so i respect it and these other people must not know how to read otherwise they would see that you arent just regurgitating you are asking and contributing known facts to the story so good job girl!

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  6. Nitta says:

    If she’s pregnant it definitely isn’t with Harry’s child. That guy wouldn’t go near vagina if his life depended on it.

  7. Notaswiftie123 says:

    I think the baby belongs to conor Kennedy

  8. Hell No Harry Is NOT Dumb

  9. Hayylaa says:

    THIS is ridiculous. HA! I can’t contain the laughter. She isn’t pregnant; and we know it. The only possible way she was pregnant would have been as soon as her and conor split; she went to a sperm bank or had a one night stand. WHEN HAYLOR NO LONGER EXISTS? Harry needs to be asked. “Was she a virgin?” Because Honey, I DONT THINK SO! Just saying. Crazy. She more than likely went to a sperm bank or what ever, and got herself pregnant from that; thus giving her a reason to either get conor back, or do the dirty and say she’s pregnant.

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  11. anonomous says:

    Only if it was rape… Harry wouldn’t go NEAR that overly attached bitch’s vagina if his life depended on it.

  12. i dont think so,that she’s pregnant!!!She’s in love with Harry!maybe she just wanna trap Harry.If she really pregnant..i think that baby belongs to Conor Kennedy..this is fake!!!

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  14. ChildOfNarniaLovee says:

    God no. This cannot be happening..

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  16. candi says:

    No,I don’t believe Taylor is “expecting” but if she was…who cares?I have my own worries & don’t have time to worry about who did who.get a life people!!

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  18. Amy says:

    Taylor swift? Pregnant? Who the baby daddy?
    My word, this girl is a bitch