Taylor Swift Sexting With Conor Kennedy – Lyrical Libido?

Taylor Swift Sexting With Conor Kennedy – Lyrical Libido?

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are broken up but are the two of them SEXTING each other?! It’s true! Just when you thought the couple was never ever getting back together, there are reports that T-Swift and Conor are heavily involved in some flirty communication via text messaging and a little bit through emails. How scandalous!

A source close to Taylor says there is a good chance they could get back together and that scheduling was likely the reason for the break-up. The conflict with scheduling and the distance may have been holding the couple back but thanks to the secretive world of texting, they are still managing to maintain a SEXTual relationship. I’d really like to see those texts!

I think they’ll get back together and that this is just a case of bad timing. If they don’t, it’s going to be pretty awkward being that Taylor bought a house a while ago in Hyannis Port, directly across the street from Conor’s grandmother.

There are also rumors as of late, speculating that Taylor and singer, Ed Sheeran could be dating but I don’t think they are. He wrote some music for her and they’ll be on tour together so it’s extremely easy for people to fabricate that. However, the tour they will be on together DOES stop in 45 cities in 29 states and three provinces so I guess if there ever WAS going to be a chance for the two of them to start something it definitely would be then.

I think it’s cute that Taylor and Conor are still in any form of communication. It looks as though the two of them are trying to make the distance work…for now. I’m curious to see what happens once her tour starts!

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