Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Tweets Curse Filled Jealous Rant To Gary Head

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Tweets Curse Filled Jealous Rant To Gary Head

Looks like everything’s getting clearer by the day about the Teen Mom 2 ex-couple, Jenelle Evans and Gary Head! Last month, we were shocked with the news that Evans and Head had broken their engagement. We were more surprised when we found out that Gary cheated on Jenelle. Evans is now back with Kieffer Delp, her ex-boyfriend.  Yes, the same guy who sold her naked pics…

And guess what? Gary Head is currently dating one of the women he was said to have been going out with who triggered the break up with Jenelle. Allegedly, Head has cheated on Evans several times. This leads to lack of trust: which got them into serious fights during their seven months being together. According to sources, their relationship had a lot of hiccups including many break-ups and huge fights.

Announcing in her Twitter account, Jenelle Evans said: “Ewwww, y u date the girl u cheated on me with who s**ked yu off in a parking lot when u cheated on me? EW F**K. Lmfaoooooo!” Well, aside from Evans’ really disturbing tweet, she ultimately made her point to appear so disgusted of what Head is up to.

But it seems to me that Head really needs to learn more about dating girls. He needs to be mature enough so one can actually handle him. Great thing Evans distanced herself from him right away or she would have suffered for a long time with this guy. Most especially, Jenelle is also looking after how she could gain the custody of her son back. She needs someone to fit the stepdad role to Jace, her two-year-old.

Strengthening her point about the other girls’ morals, Jenelle pointed out: “If she s**ked u off in a parking lot to cheat on me, what makes u think she won’t cheat on u?!”

Good logic, there, Jenelle. And looks like Gary’s looking for more drama now that he’s back with her. Imagine two cheaters, cheating each other.  She likely will—or vice versa. If they are both cheaters, their relationship may even turn out to be more drama-filled than Jenelle and Gary’s relationship.

So what are your thoughts about this issue? Were you able to, in your wildest imagination, think that Gary could date this kind of girl? Tell us your comments!


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