Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Thinks She’s Too Good For Daniel Alvarez

Farrah Abraham Thinks She's Too Good For Daniel Alvarez

This past week, it’s been a media storm of Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham versus her Daniel Alvarez, her ex-boyfriend who was featured breaking up with her on last Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom.

Even after watching the episode, Farrah has stated she has no regrets about the way she acted and appears to believe she did nothing wrong.

Farrah did not see the big deal in calling Daniel’s step-mother a “lone bird” for not having kid’s at the age of 51 while at dinner. Keep in mind, she was meeting Daniel’s father and step-mother for the first time. “I was just being me at dinner with Daniel’s parents,” says Farrah. “It seemed that Daniel’s dad was cool, but Daniel and his step mom were not meshing with me that well. I don’t feel saying lone bird was mean. She was over-dramatic and wanted to be negative, so therefore I don’t like how she turned it into a negative.

What about pressuring him into getting engaged after dating him for only six weeks? Nope, Farrah sees nothing wrong with her approach. “Honestly, I want to know someone’s intentions when they’re dating me. Given that Sophia is getting older and I don’t want men in and out of our lives, I’m happy that I talked about marriage with Daniel. Marriage is my goal! I’m not settling for anything less, so I need a better boy than Daniel… ” says the 21-year old reality star.

So has Farrah learned anything at all from watching her behavior with Daniel last week? “Yes, to not go to Texas with anyone ever again…

Meanwhile, Daniel says he never had any intention of getting engaged to Farrah.  “I’ve stated before that a healthy relationship has to be cultivated over time and cannot go from a few weeks of dating to marriage,” he says. “And for me, marriage is a one-time thing so I’m not looking to take a leap of faith over a six-week dating session.

When it comes to Farrah, “what you see on the show is what you get,” says Daniel. “She believes the world owes her something and treats others accordingly. It’s evident in the fact that she doesn’t have any friends and the ones she does manage to make never last more than a few weeks.”

He does, however, acknowledge that she is a good mother and very ambitious.

When their break-up first happened, Farrah accused Daniel of hacking her Twitter account and mentioning himself for fame. “I absolutely deny and, truthfully, am offended that Farrah would even accuse me of hacking her Twitter and posting negative comments about myself,” says Daniel. “It doesn’t make any sense for me to publicly bash myself to thousands of people!

Meanwhile, Farrah insists Daniel just used her to be on TV. “There’s more to come on the next episode of Teen Mom. You’ll get to see more of how the relationship ended.

I guess we’ll see tomorrow!