Teen Mom Wars Pits Amber Portwood Against Catelynn Lowell

Teen Mom Wars Pits Amber Portwood Against Catelynn Lowell

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is almost universally despised whereas teem mom Catelynn Lowell is adored by all.  What are the differences between these two teen moms that bring about such different reactions on the part of their fans?  Well read on and we will attempt to explain the mystery!

Amber Portwood was born in Anderson Indiana. Amber has been with her boyfriend Gary Shirley for three years.Gary graduated high school with Amber’s older brother Shawn who is serving in the Army military.Gary met Amber when he called her house looking for her brother and sparks flew over the phone between the two.

Gary works as a certified nurse’s assistance and in his free time he likes to play video games. Since their pregnancy was unplanned due to Gary’s not liking condoms, the couple moved together into an apartment. Their daughter Leah was born on November 12th 2008. After the baby’s birth the couple’s relationship goes on a cycle of on and off.

The biggest struggle they seem to have is money.Garyeven went out and bought himself a $500 play station three, making Amber’s mom get mad. She believes the couple should focus on the baby and not on toys forGary.  We later see on TV, Amber gets into a huge fight withGaryto the point she is arrested for domestic charges.

Once released, Amber decides to start brand new and get a place for her and Leah to get away from it all. Only to be short live because CPS confronted the young mom and arrested her for twenty four hours for the domestic charge againstGary.  Somehow the young mom avoided jail time, but got attacked by the media.

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We later find out that Amber was taken to a hospital one morning due to having a mental episode. She quickly recovered from the hospital and flew to a rehab center to help control her depression problems. Today, Amber is doing tolerable. Leah her daughter is inGary’s care most of the time while Amber focuses on herself by going back to school to try and get her diploma from high school.

Catelynn Lowell was born in Port Huron, Michigan. Catelynn has been with her boyfriend Tyler Baltierra since 7th grade middle school. Tyler’s dad actually married Catelynn’s mother. The young couple met in 7th grade music class. The two became parents on May 18th 2009 to a beautiful baby girl Carly. Because the couple was so young, sixteen and not having a right stable environment at home, they decided to place their young baby daughter up for adoption.

Not just any adoption this would be an open adoption. The couple couldn’t be happier with their decision. They both graduated high school. According to their websiteTylersays he enrolled himself in a Banker college to be a youth counselor. Catelynn and Tyler get to see their daughter once a year thanks to the open adoption agency and they receive updated pictures of the little girl every six months which Catelynn puts into scrapbooks. These two love birds have stuck by each other side by side and it is even reported that they are engaged and to be married in the future.

So the primary difference seems to be that Amber hates her baby daddy whereas Catelynn loves hers.  Also Amber is violent and a substance abuser whereas Catelynn is practically squeaky clean… for a teen mom!  What do you think about these two?  Let us know in the comments below.

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