Teresa Giudice’s Enemy Danielle Staub Returns To Real Housewives Of New Jersey!

Teresa Giudice's Enemy Danielle Staub Returns To Real Housewives Of New Jersey! 1114

I was happy to see her go but I’m so relieved she’s coming back. Teresa Giudice’s enemy, and original New Jersey bad girl, Danielle Staub is back on the show that made her a household name. Sources say she’s negotiated a contract with Bravo to return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey for seven episodes. It’s perfect timing. The show needs her in the worst way.

“The producers squeezed all the juice they could from the Giudices-versus-Gorgas story line and had to think of a fresh outlet for drama,” the source told In Touch magazine. “Having her back on will ruffle a lot of feathers!”

I heard whispers of this not too long ago. Apparently Bravo execs don’t like their golden goose, Teresa Giudice, taking all the hate so they think bringing Staub back will take the heat off of her. In an odd turn of events, Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub might become buddy buddy again like they were for two seconds on the first season. No one wants to film with Teresa since she’s alienated Melissa Gorga as well as Jacquelina Laurita and Caroline Manzo. Lack of time on screen is a quick death for a reality star and Teresa desperately needs the show to pimp her books and alcohol products. So Bravo execs can take this two ways. They can either encourage Teresa and Danielle to gang up on everyone else. Danielle knows about being bullied by the women blah, blah, blah or Danielle can come in and start causing trouble, reuniting Teresa back with the other women. Nothing rekindles friendships like mutual hatred. I think Sun Tzu wrote that.

Either way, this has to be better than last season. That shit was so tired! So I’ll take some Danielle Staub. The only thing that bothers me about her is the way she embarrasses the hell out of her kids when she films. They get the raw deal in their mother’s famewhoring!

Are you excited for the Danielle Staub return? Will it help redistribute the hate off Teresa?

Photo Credit: FPA/Fame Pictures