The X Factor USA Season 2 “Top 12 Revealed” Recap 11/1/12

The X Factor USA Season 2 "Top 12 Revealed" Recap 11/1/12

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of THE X FACTOR USA. On tonight’s show the Top Finalists will be revealed, and return the following week to face America’s vote.   The first live show was aired last night to an unsuspecting audience. Regrettably, we have to admit that almost none of the contestants were able to pull it off. The 16 contestants went head-to-head last night for a spot in the finals, but most of them completely lost it halfway through their performances.  Did you watch last night’s show?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

My favorite singer from last night’s show was Carly Rose Sonenclar who sang Good Feeling and was mentored by Britney Spears – Carly’s vocals felt slightly unnatural, but her performance made up for the staunch discomfort of the vocals. She delivered, mostly. There were plenty of issues with her pitch during the up-tempo middle-parts of the song. She also lacked that beautiful zest that made her so popular in the beginning. It was above-average and better than most of the vocals of the night, but she can do so, so much better.  Who was your favourite of the night? Do you think we got it wrong with certain contestants? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

On tonight’s show 50% of the contestants will be safe, while the other 50% will be up for elimination by the judges. There will also be no official voting by the audiences at home.  By the end of the show the Top Finalists will be revealed, and return the following week to face America’s vote.

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Tonight’s episode: Tonight it’s the reveal of the final twelve, it’s time for the artists who performed last night live to face the music.

Each judge will choose two of their acts that will make it through to the top twelve. First up tonight are Demi Lovato’s Team – Young Adults – Jenell Garcia, CeCe Frey, Paige Thomas and Willie Jones. We find out which two acts are moving on to the top twelve and which two will have to sing for their lives. The first act making it into the top twelve is Janell. The name of the second act that is making it to the top twelve is Paige Thomas. That means that Willie Jones and CeCe Frey are going to sing for their lives.

CeCe sings “Out Here On My Own.”

Judges Comments: LA: “You just saved yourself it was wonderful.” Britney: “Last night I thought you were having an identity crisis but you pulled through.” Simon: “The question is why didn’t you do this last night, this is why we liked you in the first place.”

Willie Jones sings “You Don’t Know Me.”

Judges Comments: La “You are really unique and that was good, you are making it tough.” Britney: “I think you really stand out and there is a quality about you.” Simon: “If we could capture what you brought in the first audition you would go far.”

Demi sends Willie Jones home.

LA Reid’s Team – Over 25’s – Jason Brock, David Correy, Vino and Tate Stevens. The first act that LA is putting through to the top twelve is Vino. The second act that LA is putting into the top twelve is Tate Stevens.

David Correy sings “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

Judges Comments: Britney: “I feel like tonight you blew us away.” Demi: “I really didn’t like your rendition of that song, it was like you were screaming the whole time.” Simon: “It was a little bit melodramatic and theatrical, but I can see how much this means to you.”

Jason Brock sings “One Moment In Time.”

Judges Comments: Britney: “I wasn’t sure last night, but now I am a fan.” Demi: “There is something genuine about you and I believe you want to be here.” Simon: “I am asked to judge two horses that came last in a race, but compared to yesterday, this was a million times better.”

LA sends David Correy home.

Britney’s Team – Teens – Arin’s Ray, Diamond White, Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose. The first act that Britney is putting through to the top twelve is Beatrice Miller.  The second act that Britney is going to save is Carly Rose.

Arin Ray sings “I Look To You”.

Judges Comments: LA: “I don’t even know why you have to sing to save your life.” Demi: “I think the girls in the audience are screaming for you, it would be a shame to send you home.” Simon: “I think this performance really showed your potential and to send you home would be a big mistake.”

Diamond White is singing “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Words.”

Judges Comments: LA: “You are sensational and you have a future in this business.” Demi: “You took on something totally different and it impressed me, you should be proud.” Simon: “I wouldn’t want to be in Britney’s position, I think you both should go through.”

Britney sends Diamond White home.

Simon’s Team – The GroupsSister C, Lyric 145, 1432 and Emblem 3. The first act that Simon is putting through to next week’s show is Emblem 3. Moving right along, the second act that Simon is putting through is Lyric 145.

Sister C sings “When I Look At You.”

Judges Comments: LA: “I think we all struggle with song choice, but this time you had it right.” Britney: “I was pleasant surprised, you had the eye of the tiger.” Demi: “You sounded phenomenal and are very talented.”

1432 sings “Skyscraper.”

Judges Comments: LA: “When the going get tough, the tough get going and you did it.” Britney: “You made me a believer tonight.” Demi: “You did better than the original singer.”

Simon Cowell sends home is Sister C. Simon cannot live with the name 1432, he wants the public to submit a name for the group.


Demi Lovato’s Young Adults –  Janell

Demi Lovato’s Young Adults –  Paige Thomas

Demi Lovato’s Young Adults – CeCe

LA Reid’s Over 25’s – Vino

LA Reid’s Over 25’s – Tate Stevens

LA Reid’s Over 25’s – Jason Brock

Britney’s Teens – Beatrice Miller

Britney’s Teens – Carly Rose

Britney’s Teens – Arin Ray

Simon Cowell’s – Groups – Emblem 3

Simon Cowell’s – Lyric 145

Simon Cowell’s – 1432