What Killed Whitney Houston And Was A Doctor To Blame

What Killed Whitney Houston And Was A Doctor To Blame

Whitney Houston was taking Xanax and had been heavily drinking the night before she died – a deadly combination. Why was Whitney prescribed Xanax when she is a known drug addict – which irresponsible Doctor is to blame? Best guess is that the combination of alcohol and Xanax as well as exhaustion from so much recent partying (as well as years of crack addiction) caused such severe sedation that Whitney might have drowned in her own bath.

Family members told TMZ that Whitney had a prescription for the Xanax and while the drug is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, it is a well-known drug of abuse. Xanax should never be prescribed for drug addicts like Whitney and any doctor would know this. Of course doctors can be bought who will ignore a patient’s well-being for money – just look at the example of Propofol, Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.

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The Los Angeles County Coroner will perform an autopsy as early as today to determine if Whitney died from drowning and a drug overdose, or other causes.

Prescription drugs were found in her suite on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton. When Emergency Services arrived the singer’s body had already been removed from the tub. Paramedics performed CPR on an unresponsive Whitney but failed to revive her.

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Meantime more details are emerging about her final days. The one time superstar appeared to be on a downward spiral and was partying very hard. The night before her death she’d been drinking heavily, talking loudly, and causing a scene with a group of friends at the bar in the Beverly Hilton hotel.

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Will the coroner find that Whitney’s death is due to her taking prescription drugs that she never should have had? Will the doctor who prescribed them be charged with murder? Should a doctor turn a blind eye and provide an alcoholic crack addict like Whitney with Xanax?

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