Whitney Houston’s Death Looks Like A Hitman’s Revenge

Whitney Houston’s Death Looks Like A Hitman’s Revenge

Whitney Houston’s death ‘smacks of a hitman’s revenge’ – a law enforcement source told GLOBE. This theory agrees with what Leolah Brown and others believe was a non-accidental death for Whitney.

Whitney allegedly owed big money to some bad people – and the same source said:

You don’t get away with owing that much money vicious drug dealers and live to tell the tale.

And they know how to cover up their crime by making it look like an accident – like a drowning in the bathtub.

Keep in mind that the Los Angeles County Coroner revealed earlier this week that he has received multiple calls and emails from relatives of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston‘s family demanding a murder investigation. The Coroner’s Office says the investigation is ongoing and the new information is being taken very seriously. Related: Coroner Investigates Whitney Houston’s Murder – Evidence Mounts

A former Chicago police officer, Paul Huebl, who is currently a Hollywood private detective, described to GLOBE in their print edition, March 19, how easy it would have been to set Whitney up for murder due to her addiction to drugs, alcohol, and partying.

Paul said:

It would be easy for a hitman to get her loaded and overwhelm her, dunk her head in a bathtub and hold her underwater until, she died.”

Leolah has said from the outset that Whitney’s death was no accident:

I believe Whitney’s death was no accident.

It’s very important to know she didn’t just pass away like that, No!

A family insider says that Leolah fears Whitney was murdered. Another family source says:

Leolah’s told the cops she believes Whitney was taken by surprise and killed. She is telling pals that the cops are taking what she has to say seriously.

Until the coroner makes his findings public rumors and theories will continue to swirl about. Others suggest that Whitney’s death was a suicide – and that is certainly plausible. Related: Evidence That Whitney Houston’s Death Was A Suicide

One thing for sure – when a super celeb full of drugs and booze dies alone in a bathtub with her entourage and minders nearby, people are going to ask questions and be suspicious. Who was looking out for Whitney? What really happened? What do you think? Could foul play have been involved in Whitney’s death?

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Photo Credit: API/FameFlynet Pictures

  • Poonis324

    Oh and we are still waiting for the toxicology reports to come back… Get over it! She was a hardcore drug addict. No signs of trauma or fight at the scene. Accept what it is. 

    • butch31

       U know this because? LOL

    • butch31

       U know this because…

    • butch31

       How would u know?

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  • lola43

    she was murdered, but it will never be tried, cause i doubt that the drug dealers she was dealing with were black, so they must have done an untraceable job. Plus no corrupted LAPD is going after drug dealers who can get away with killing a celebrity. Now, if her black doctor had killed her, it would be all over the news…and he would be in jail already.  

  • butch31

    This is may be serious