Evidence That Whitney Houston’s Death Was A Suicide (Photo)

Evidence That Whitney Houston's Death Was A Suicide (Photo)

There is solid evidence that Whitney Houston‘s death was a suicide. Whitney Houston died in the bathtub of her hotel suite on February 12 after apparently consuming a lethal cocktail of Xanax, alcohol, and possibly other drugs including cocaine. She either overdosed and had a heart attack or slipped unconscious under the water in her bath and drowned – we await the final coroner’s report including the toxicology results. In either case it was Whitney herself who took the dope and caused her own death. Suicide seems very possible since Whitney both threatened suicide and made an attempt at suicide in the days leading up to her death.

Star mag print edition March 5, 2012 reports:  Star magazine has learned that for those around Whitney her death was tragic but not entirely unexpected.

Just two days before her death sources say that Whitney tried to take her own life. Whitney made a last desperate cry for help when she attempted to slit her wrists in the bathroom of L.A.’s Tru Hollywood nightclub on February 9, sources reveal. Following an embarrassing public altercation with X Factor star Stacy Francis, Whitney disappeared into a bathroom, and when she reappeared, a source says, ‘there was blood all over her, from her hands, wrists and legs, and there was a blade in her hand.’

A member of Whitney’s entourage tells Star how the erratic Grammy winner had threatened to seek the ‘ultimate revenge’ on her mentor, Clive Davis, because he had recently cut the drug-addled star off financially.

According to sources several people close to Whitney confronted him to stop enabling her by giving her unlimited supplies of cash.

‘He was handing over $500,000 to $1 million at a time,’ a member of Whitney’s entourage tells Star, ‘but Whitney was partying it away. Clive had to be told that having money coming in so frequently was not helping Whitney get back on track. it was only making things worse.’

About two weeks before her death Clive finally sat down to tell her it was time for tough love. ‘When Clive told her he was cutting her off, Whitney really just spun out of control,’ the insider says. ‘She told her friend s that since she wasn’t getting any more money from him, she was going to party it up one last time.’

According to a source close to Whitney’s on-off boyfriend Ray-J, ‘She even claimed she was going to overdose on cocaine, booze, and pills right before Clive’s Grammy party. She said she’d really “show him.”‘

‘Ray did what he could to convince Whitney that this was not the thing to do,’ the source says. ‘But deep down, he didn’t believe she’d go through with it. He thought it was just the drugs talking.’

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Star has reported that cocaine was just one of the many substances present in Whitney’s hotel room at the time of her death, although handlers removed it before the cops arrived. Now authorities are investigating whether Whitney deliberately overdosed on cocaine or a cocktail of substances, causing her own death

It’s hard to know if all the details are accurate but there is ample evidence to suggest that Whitney’s death was a suicide. Junkies often become deeply depressed when they consider how they have destroyed their lives and damaged the lives of those around them. Whitney had to face a Grammy party full of top celebs and hosted by her mentor, Clive Davis, knowing that she was a mere shadow of herself, a broken junkie with a ruined voice. Also, she knew that she was responsible for her wayward daughter, Bobbi Kristina, being well on her own way to permanent drug addiction. Did Whitney Houston take her own life – we think it is reasonable to assume that she did.

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  1. dvanilla1 says:

    You said right we will wait for the toxology report.  Simply because your article makes me really sick.

  2. dvanilla1 says:

    You said correcly! We all will wait for the toxology report.  Your article makes me really upset.

  3. Joycemarie315 says:

    What  a crappy article. They really are trashing whitney. Let her rest in peace now.. I am sick if all these people who THINK they know what happened.

  4. alicia says:

    if someone has an addiction problem,this does not mean they are suicidal nor does it mean she was currently using.the “drugs” found in her room were ibprofen,midol,xanax (used for anxiety) and freaking ammoxicillin.you people have some nerve speculating a scratch on her leg as proof of suicide? and making stuff up,putting clive,bobbi kristina and ray j’s name in your garbage of an article.:”sources say” whitney was “the voice”she has lived a more productive life then any of you piss ants writing this crap .she was a classy woman and an addiction problem does not change the fact that she was a good hearted,funny and inspirational human who had faith in her higher being,who had dignity and love for her family,not to mention her fans,who came from newark nj and worked for every damn dime she ever made.if clive was giving her money it was because he had faith in her.your overview of this situation is garbage and disrespectful to everyones name you mentioned and most importantly,her mother.you wanna write about whitney? then write that she was a great success.she lived a full life and if you choose to put blame on anyone,then why not the actual source.her influential,bottom feeding,dirtbag, ex-husband!? the one good thing he did for her was give her that beautiful child.otherwise hes an abusive,ignorant,jealous human being w/ no talent whatsoever!

  5. Lckyv123 says:

    i guess my first comment needs to be approved before its posted cuz it had too many curses in it regarding this piece of garbage article

  6. Muzzy Lu says:

    Too bad Whitney was on so many prescription drugs. If she had just stayed with occasional marijuana, she would still be singing today. Sometimes people just drift into excessive drinking or lots of opiates to self-medicate for pains or depression. I have back pain and medical marijuana does help. Instead of medicating with opiates, booze, or other harmful drugs, medical marijuana taken in edibles really works for me and many others.
    Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints. 

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  13. Chris Zene says:

    so right! there is so much blood on her leg that it’s an obvious suicide attempt…get serious.

  14. Katie says:

    Who can judge her even if she did commit suicide (and we don’t know)? It doesn’t make her less of a person or anyone other than who she was – she was a great person and also extremely talented. My guess is that her life was very hard so she turned to drugs to cope. How dare the writer of this article call her a “junkie” and then continue to judge her person in the raising of her child, who I’m sure she loved dearly, and so many other judgments from the idiot who wrote this article, who probably hasn’t dealt with anything hard enough in life to need drugs as a crutch. The person who put this article together is both trash and trashy. Whitney Houston was a great human being, very kind, and loved people. If she coped with the immense pain and heartbreak in her life through drugs, so be it. Even food is a drug if you use it to comfort yourself. She was extremely smart and compassionate; I think she hurt a lot for other people who were suffering. You are greatly missed, Whitney!