X Factor USA Season 2 Season Premiere Promises To Be The Television Event Of The Decade!

X Factor USA Season 2 Season Premiere Promises To Be The Television Event Of The Decade!

The X-Factor USA season two will be premiering on Wednesday, the 12th of September and is touted to be the television event of the year. Almost one year ago, Melanie Amaro became the first ever winner of the X-Factor.  The first season also offered up some of the most memorable contestants since season one of American Idol – Chris Rene, Rachel Crowe, Astro and Josh Krajcik – who all achieved a certain level of C-list fame since their appearance on the show.

The stage is set, the lights are dimmed, the first rounds are almost done while we’re writing this and the live shows are prepared like a fine roast. What makes X-Factor USA so exciting? What gives it that incomparable edge which shows like American Idol and The Voice lack? The critics point to the drama, the characters and above all else, the amazing singing, but what sets The X-Factor apart from the rest of the reality television garden is the epic cold chills one experiences when watching the show. Never before, even with the original Pop Idol (UK), has a show been so demanding and captivating. American Idol limps along at a steady pace, while The X-Factor US speeds like a freight train delivering Bruce Jenner’s Botox. Simon Cowell has been able to achieve the perfect balance of music brilliance and world class stage production whilst having an ineffable influence on the music industry. X-Factor is a subtle, beautiful and entrancing experience.

The latest season will have Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on the judging panel, after Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul failed in their duties. Steve Jones, the bombastic host, is being replaced with Kelly Osbourne or Khloe Kardashian, or both. L.A. Reid stayed behind to continue in his quest at being a bastardized version of the UK version of himself, Louis Walsh. His prosthetic head will once again be swaying to James Brown remixes and Whitney Houston ballads; while Simon’s caustic and self-entitled jabs will pierce the clean studio air. Britney has been a diva since the show started, but many insiders have revealed that she’s one of the coolest people on set. Demi, who is not the most experienced of the bunch, will undoubtedly bring an air of naivety and younger demographic appeal to the show. The jury is still out on whether she will be cut out for the difficult job of mentoring and planning stage productions for every live show.

What will the new season be like? First off, we know the format has been changed, with no gender groups included. We also know that a smattering of stars will have special guest appearances at the judges’ houses, including Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas. One Direction and most of Simon Cowell’s own acts will be appearing on the live shows to perform. X-Factor is Simon’s baby, so it is only fitting that his own SyCo acts are invited to perform. Keep it in the family, right Simon?

There are promises of drama, insanity, odd contestants, tears, stage shenanigans and some of the most dramatic and emotional vote-offs in the history of the format. We are as excited as Honey Boo Boo at a Hills Have Eyes convention and if you’re looking for us on the 12th of September, you’ll find us snuggling up in front of the television set, our hands oily with butter popcorn and our eyes transfixed on one of the most important season premieres of the past decade.

God speed Simon, may this year’s ratings shoot through the stratosphere.

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