Anne Hathaway’s Cruel Diva Demand List – No Autographs or Photos Even For Cancer Charity

Anne Hathaway's Cruel Diva Demand List - No Autographs or Photos Even For Cancer Charity

Oh, Anne. The biggest complaint from Anne Hathaway‘s Oscar season was that she was too earnest and try-hard, so now she seems to be going the opposite direction. According to Radar, a leaked list of demands from her team sent to the organizers of the Pink Party Gala in Santa Monica a couple of weeks ago, no one was to approach Anne for photos or autographs during the event, despite the fact that it was a cancer charity event and having her photo taken would undoubtedly increase the profile of the charity.

According to the email sent with the demands, Anne’s team was ‘concerned’ that people would approach Anne during the event. A source adds, “Everyone was asked not to talk to her.”  Apparently, other stars who attended [and the event hosted quite a few] had no such demands, with the circulated staff email stating, “I know in the past our hosts have mingled in the party, but each person is different. We are trying to respect her space.” Yes, Anne was too special and unique to mingle at a freaking CHARITY event, even though the likes of Kate Hudson and Liz Hurley were just fine doing so. And that’s not even considering how many A-list stars in the past have attended the event without such demands.

Also, even though guests followed the instructions in the email and didn’t approach Anne, sources add that Anne spent the entire night ‘rolling her eyes’. The source adds, “She was so rude and acted like a b*tch to a few people she did speak to.”

Anne’s reputation with the public is already in the dumps, but if she continues this behavior for much longer, industry folks are also going to start seeing through the pretend aw-shucks facade she puts on in interviews. Gossip spreads fast, and one hint of diva behavior [especially at a charity event] is enough to reach the ears of major executives in the industry, and that can be enough to affect her career or lose her a job.

I have to say – this is a bit disappointing. Anne was cloying and annoying during her Oscar campaign, but she never descended into an outright diva. If this is true, then that means that either she’s been hardened by the backlash or she was always a diva and just managed to cover it up. What do you guys think?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet