AshLee Frazier Demands Engagement Ring From Sean Lowe

AshLee Frazier Demands Engagement Ring From Sean Lowe

How forward! On a show where a dozen women are set loose to desperately chase a single man, there is little room for reality. The Bachelor sends contestants on international dream vacations, dresses them in full hair and make up, and cruelly eliminates the hopefuls in agonizing rose ceremonies. And we love it! Most girls drip with insincerity, insisting that they’re in love from day one, but AshLee Frazier is the odd one out! The 32-year-old Texan was slow to open up to bachelor Sean Lowe, but after weeks of non-exclusive dating, she said I love you. She’s made it to the final three—will her caring personality and open heart see her to the finish line?

AshLee’s teenage husband Andy Barbarow gave his two cents to Us Weekly, print edition March 4, 2013. “AshLee doesn’t bad-mouth other people,” he says in response to the Tierra LiCausi drama. In fact, she’s a “goody two-shoes” without a mean bone in her body! Other contestants disliked the older woman, asking what’s wrong with her that she’s so old and single. (Take a moment to laugh at the idea that 32 is old.) Though we don’t think she’s reached crypt-keeper status, AshLee does give off a ready to settle into married life and kiss my personal identity goodbye vibe.

AshLee joined Sean in the fantasy suite for an overnight date, but nothing raunchy happened. Instead, AshLee “used her chaste time in the fantasy suite with Lowe to describe the kind of engagement ring she’d like!” Of course, these contestants have to make the most of every minute they get with Sean, but that seems a bit much! He’s still deciding which lovely woman to commit to, and the desperate materialism has to be a turn off! Do you think AshLee will get the final rose and her dream engagement ring? Check out the series finale spoilers here. Did you guess right?

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