Bachelor Season 17 Catherine Giudici’s Violent Past, Won’t Tolerate Bad Behavior From Sean Lowe – Spoilers

Bachelor Season 17 Catherine Giudici's Violent Past, Won’t Tolerate Bad Behavior From Sean Lowe - Spoilers

It seems that the contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette try to use the show as a platform to launch their own celebrity, while producers just want to ensure that they get a group of 25 super hot, fit, totally crazy singletons. There has been no shortage of drama on this season of The Bachelor, though Sean Lowe has a pretty good mix of women—though I was sad to see kinky drunk Fifty Shades of Grey obsessee go home! We’ve previously reported on the girls who get home dates, one of whom is Catherine Giudice. Her show profile says she is a Seattle native who works for Amazon, but new shocking legal documents unearth a tragic and violent past.

If Sean does end up giving Catherine the final rose, she is going to have some explaining to do about her father’s past,” an insider reported to National Enquirer, print edition January 28, 2013. Court documents paint an ugly picture of Catherine’s childhood, which was marred by a violent, aggressive, and verbally abusive father, who “was committed to a psych ward after twice threatening to kill himself.” When Catherine was 14, her mother took a restraining order against him, and papers show that hey was violent towards his daughters, and in one violent rage broke windows and threw knives and dishes.

Catherine’s parents divorced the next year, and her father moved to Taiwan afterwards. A family insider believes that Catherine has been deeply affected by her father’s violence, and notes that, “despite her outward charm and good looks, inside she became tough-as-nails and ‘Bachelor’ fans will root for her. She doesn’t put up with bad behavior from any man.” Catherine doesn’t currently have a storyline on The Bachelor, but we know one will develop, since she will make it to the final four. Will Catherine confide her family’s rocky past to Sean—or should she? Has her mom’s trouble in love hardened her heart?