Bethenny Frankel Admits To Massive Plastic Surgery – Still FUGLY (PHOTO)

Bethenny Frankel Admits To Massive Plastic Surgery - Still  FUGLY (PHOTO)

Did anyone ever believe Bethenny Frankel in the past when she insisted her face was all natural? Anyone? She’s a reality star and by default, the chance of her getting plastic surgery was at a 110%. Then, there’s the fact that anyone who looks at her face can immediately discern that not only has it been incessantly botoxed and injected, but it’s a regular procedure for her.

And now, according to Life & Style Magazine, Bethenny has ‘spilled‘ on her plastic surgeries, even though she was refusing to admit to them just a week ago. Do you think she finally caved to the pressure of pretending that she was au natural, or did she get a monetary reward? I’m thinking monetary reward because these celebrities are so self-consumed with their own image that they would never admit to something like plastic surgery. Why do you think Nicole Kidman still pretends that her face is normal? And reality stars are that much worse.

The other exclusives from Life & Style’s cover are Snooki revealing her fifty pound weight loss [because people care?], Khloe Kardashian‘s night with a rapper, and Duck Dynasty’s family troubles concerning their young daughter.

I know the Duck Dynasty people get an obscene amount of money for doing nothing, much like other reality stars, but has this really what the state of our television has sunk to? Duck freaking Dynasty? Who watches this crap?

What do you guys think about Bethenny’s admissions to her plastic surgery, if she did indeed tell the truth? Do you think she would ever admit the full extent of her surgeries, or just gloss over them like most other celebrities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Angel 2009

    Huge waste of money – brown paper bags are cheaper honey!