Beyonce, Jay-Z Spend $7K On Baby North West, Generous Or Kinda Cheap?

Beyonce, Jay-Z Spend $7K On Baby North West, Generous Or Kinda Cheap? 0703

Another day and still no signs of North West baby pics. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that People magazine comes through this morning. It still has time and I can’t imagine Kim Kardashian waiting much longer to drop the bomb. Kate Middleton is supposed to deliver earlier than originally believed. Kim and Kris Jenner are playing with fire the longer they wait this out. But in the meantime we can console out curiosity with the new info out of The Sun detailing what Jay-Z and Beyonce bought Kanye West’s daughter.

North West is now the lucky owner of personalized Christian Dior baby booties and an engraved three-piece sterling silver Elsa Peretti Padova baby set. A source told the newspaper that since the couple have a girl they knew exactly the right gifts to get. Um… OK. Everything cost about $7,000 all together. Now, remember, everything’s relative. We should all be grateful when anyone goes out of their way to buy us anything but… are you kinda underwhelmed? These presents are as useless as the gifts of the Magi. This is a couple that bought their kid a diamond-encrusted barbie for her one-year birthday. They’ve got the money to spend. I’m just saying… kinda boring. On the other hand, Beyonce and Jay-Z weren’t going to buy cloth diapers or glass baby bottles. You leave the necessities up to the family. Friends can get away with buying the ostentatious, unnecessary trinkets. I’m just surprised there wasn’t more. Anyone can buy Christian Dior booties. The lack of creativity is disappointing.

A source says Beyonce also dished out some weight loss tips before she left. Haha! Poor Kim. She can’t go a day without someone telling her to get on it already. First Gwyneth, then Tracy and now this. I can’t imagine Beyonce’s tips were very effective though. Her advice was probably something like dance eight hours a day to get ready for a new tour. I hope Kim just smiled and went back to sleep. The best thing to ever do with good advice is to pass it on to someone else  – or just politely ignore it altogether!

Photo Credit: Teach/Moryc Welt/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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