Big Brother 15 Breakup! McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman Split – Hates Being In Showmance With Racist

Big Brother Breakup! McCrae Olson Hates Being In Showmance With Amanda Zuckerman

Who wouldn’t get sick of being in a showmance with Amanda Zuckerman? I’m sure McCrae Olson thought he was helping himself when he agreed to the showmance, but he soon came to regret his decision as the weeks went by. Although Amanda initially came off as one of the more tolerable members of the Big Brother household, that soon changed as the amount of people in the house decreased.

We soon came to know that Amanda was as much of a bully and racist as some of the others on this show, it just took her longer to show it. McCrae’s patience is quickly wearing thin with Amanda’s bossy demeanor, and a fight started earlier tonight when Amanda asked him not to sit by Jessie. When Amanda asked McCrae to come sit by her instead, he refused, which led to a massive fight between the fake couple.

While McCrae does initially argue back with Amanda, he stays quiet for most of the argument while Amanda just keeps the rant going. He knows that he has to be careful with what he says to her, especially in public, because she’s proven herself to be vindictive, vengeful, and what’s another word for crazy?

McCrae did tell Amanda later in the night that she looked like ‘an ass’ and that she made a ‘fool of herself’ after she made some racist remarks against Candice. Is it just me, or is practically everyone in this house secretly racist? Even people I thought would know better haven’t been holding back on spewing homophobic and racist remarks every night. They’re going to have a hell of a surprise when they all get out of the house and back into the real world.

Anyway, do you guys think McCrae will eventually crack and start shouting at Amanda? Or will he keep reigning it in until she gets kicked out – which will hopefully happen as soon as possible. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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