Breaking Bad Series Finale Spoiler – Who Will Die?

Breaking Bad Series Finale Spoiler - Who Will Die?

Although Aaron Paul jokingly hinted at the ending of Breaking Bad by tweeting a picture of himself in bed with Skyler and Walter, we know that’s not going to be the ending of the show.

With Hank’s death in the past episode, it’s now looking increasingly stark for the remaining characters. Who will live? Who will die? These are the questions Breaking Bad fans continue to ask themselves, even as the show moves closer and closer to its series finale.

Another big question is – will Walt’s guilt start to overtake him? There are many characters he has killed or contributed to their death, and eventually, it might just become too much. Is it possible that he might even go far enough to kill Skyler?

Smart money’s on Jesse being the one to die in the end, but because the fans expect that, I have a feeling that the showrunners are going to turn the expectation on its head. They might just think to kill off Walt, which would put a definitive end to the show and possibly bring it full circle.

They have to end the show in a way that is both creatively satisfying but also doesn’t leave too many open plot threads. What better way than to kill the main character? People are already starting to place betting odds on which main character will die, and the highest odds are on Jesse and Walt, with the second highest on Skyler.

What do you guys think? Who will die? Will Walter’s guilt become too overwhelming? Will he even feel it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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