Did Carole Middleton Leak Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Photos – Secret Papparazzo on Mustique?

Did Carole Middleton Leak Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Photos - Secret Papparazzo on Mustique?

If it’s true that it wasn’t a papparazzo with a long lense in a boat who snapped the shots of Kate Middleton’s baby bump in Mustique, then who was it? Those shots must’ve been taken by a tourist, but is it really Carole Middleton in disguise?

The whole Middleton clan joined Prince William and Kate on Mustique. They do this practically every year. It’s a tradition that comes around both Kate’s and Mama Midds’ January birthdays. This year, the group rented two villas and not just one, so that the Midds could stay in their own separate villa nearby to give the royal couple some privacy.

Ma Midds is known to the world as the “Mother of All Social Climbers.” And she got there by keeping the press in her pocket. She’s got a little “Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” thing going on with the papparazzi. How else have the paps known all these years the exact time and location of Kate’s whereabouts so they can conveniently snap shots of her? This helps both the Middletons and the press. People buy the papers, and the Middletons stay in the public eye.

And it’s not just Kate that mommy dearest is pushing at the press and the public. How can  anyone forget about her other darling daughter, or darling daughter’s famous derriere? Pippa Middleton is said to be just as socially ambitious as her mom, and with the spectacular flop of her book, Celebrate, she needs to be courting some seriously positive PR.

Right now, Kate is a very UN-hardworking royal. Kate looks spoiled, selfish and lazy. Carole knows that. Pippa looks just like Kate, but you can add stupid to the mix. Carole knows this, too. So how is she going to carry on securing her daughters’ gilded futures? Because we all know that a ring on your finger is no guarantee of anything. Her daughters livelihoods depend upon the press fawning at their feet for something so silly as getting a cup of coffee or being thrifty by wearing a designer dress – that most people can’t afford – more than once. One false move and a swift kick in the bum could be sending Kate out of Buckingham Palace, and Pipster on an ungraceful fall down the social ladder.

Did Carole Middleton Leak Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Photos - Secret Papparazzo on Mustique?

Of course “Cunning Carole” is on hand to make sure this never happens. Who else is poised to snap photos of precious Kate recovering from her severe bout with HG (although she was deemed well enough to travel all the way to Mustique) and her “ohsoadorbale!” baby bump and sell to the press just when Kate needs to seen amidst glowing praise because the world is questioning her nonexistant work ethic? And who else can keep Pippa appealing to wealthy, titled men by snapping photos of her running around Mustique with a mystery man, whom some say is James Matthew, older brother to Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews.

What’s that? Carole, you say? Your guess is my guess, too. We all know who the “royal source” is in these types of articles that paint Kate and Pippa in a bright light. We all know where the press is really getting their “insider information” from. It’s Carole Middleton. Come on, that wasn’t that hard to figure out, was it?

Photo Credit: Star, Chi, FameFlynet

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  1. Linda Cannon says:

    What makes you think it isn’t Pippa taking pics? She must need $$$ badly.

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