Ian Somerhalder Top Pick To Replace Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey Movie? (POLL)

Ian Somerhalder Top Pick To Replace Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey Movie? (POLL)

When the actors that were chosen for Fifty Shades of Grey were announced there was an uproar from the fans.  Twitter exploded with fans tweeting everything from surprise to outrage.  No one could see Charlie Hunnam playing Christian Grey nor Dakota Johnson playing Anastasia Steele.  To be fair lets face it, not matter how they chose there would have been controversy.

Fans got so mad over the casting they launched an online petition protesting the film casting and demanding that the duo be replaced.  Last I looked over 17,000 fans had signed the petition.

Yesterday it was announced that Charlie Hunnam had suddenly dropped out of the movie citing his busy schedule.  Of course we don’t buy that reason, this really was the “role of a lifetime” for Charlie.  Last month Charlie said he initially turned down the role.  After the news was announced the film’s author E. L. James took to twitter to support Charlie tweeting, “I wish Charlie all the best.” Right…

So who gets to replace Charlie?  My main choice would be Ian Somerhalder, he would make the perfect Christian.  Playing the role of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries he has made fans love him for his smouldering good looks and devilish charm.  If Ian can make Damon likable, then he could certainly make Christian Grey likeable.  I am surprised his smoulder blue/grey eyes did not win E. L. James over in a second.  Check out the fan trailer we made for the movie and see what we think Ian would be the perfect choice.

Following Charlie Hunnam’s departure, the filmmakers have agreed to find another male lead.  The film’s author took to twitter and tweeted, “Okay girls and boys – hold on to your hats – it’s about to get serious…”

So CDLers my vote goes to Ian.  So many other fine actor’s names have been bandied about, who do you want to see playing Christian Grey?  Do you think now that Charlie has been replaced, Dakota should be too.  After all they were both hired because of their amazing chemistry together.  With Charlie gone, so is the chemistry.

  • 50shadesfan

    No way, not Ian. He’s even older than Charlie and is too scrawny. I don’t really even care anymore because Dakota still being in will ruin it either way. I really hope they recast Ana. Dakota Johnson is not Ana and the fans don’t want her. They just need to recast both roles and start over.

  • vn_102

    They should do the right thing to fix this mess and dumped Dakota. With 2 new leads that actually resemble character descriptions in the books will restore fans interests amidst all the mockery that this movie was doomed before it even started.