Chaz Bono Kickboxing Classes, Tries To Find Love Through MMA

Exclusive... Chaz Bono Catches A Ride

Chaz Bono has found his calling! After a failing stint on Dancing with the Stars, which left mom Cher disappointed, he’s been struggling with his weight and self esteem. Breakup from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia didn’t help his confidence. But he’s found a new, killer way to shed pounds and get healthy: mixed martial arts! Chaz has sought the help of LA trainer Frank Colcher, and now hits Zero to Hero Kickboxing Gym to workout.

Chaz has been raving about how much he loves the sport,” a source told National Enquirer, print edition February 4, 2013. “He’s become obsessed with kickboxing and martial arts, and the bonus is that he’s knocking off pounds by working out with a passion.” Chaz’s weight has gotten out of control—he now boasts 345 pounds on a 5 foot 5 frame. But falling in love with a sport has made losing weight fun, and easy.

He’s gotten really into fighting, and he’s showing some genuine talent. Guys he’s been working out with are surprised at how good he is.” Chaz has tried to lose weight before, but with little long-term success. This new exercise should help, because it isn’t slaving on a treadmill—he loves it. Chaz insists that “this weight loss program is different because he’s committed to listening to his doctors,” the source explained.

Chaz’s mom, Cher, is worried about the risk of injury in the sport. Chaz enjoys it so much, he is already dreaming of going pro! Unlike his stint on Dancing with the Stars, “no one would dare make fun of a tough guy in a boxing gym.” True! Especially if he works with free weights—those guys are always intimidating! The fitness overhaul has made a new man out of Chaz, and “after he drops some more weight, he’s ready to renew his search to find true love again.”

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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