Clint Eastwood Apparent Separation From Wife Dina Ruiz Ruins Daughter’s Wedding Day

Clint Eastwood Apparent Separation From Wife Dina Ruiz Ruins Daughter’s Wedding Day

Wasn’t it just last summer that the reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company  was airing on E! and we were hearing all about the fairytale life that Dina Ruiz had with much older husband, Clint Eastwood? Yeah, I thought so. It seems that this is yet another couple that has been completely demolished thanks at least in part to the reality television curse. Numerous couples have had shows about their happy marriage or home life only to see it fall apart almost as soon as the cameras pack up and leave. Just ask Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Carmen Electra, Travis Barker, Shana Moakler… the list is endless.

Anyway, back to Dina and Clint. They haven’t been photographed together since November 2011 and apparently, according to the April 1st print edition of The National Enquirer, they go to great lengths not to be around each other.  That was all fine and well until Clint’s daughter’s wedding on March 15th. Alison Eastwood only invited about 20 people so the frosty air between Clint and Dina was that much more noticeable.

Since their 16 year marriage crumbled Dina is said to split her time between Texas and Hawaii. Supposedly Clint absolutely hated the finished reality TV product and his anger and demands caused such a huge rift that Dina goes out of her way to avoid him. They were seated together at Alison’s wedding and barely spoke a word according to onlookers.  Dina tried to keep it together but Clint was at best completely subdued.  At least until other people dared to laugh and have a good time. Then he just looked beyond irritated.

Is there any chance for these two to get back together?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • This wouldn’t surprise me either. She seems like a control freak.

  • Pat patterson

    She may be back. She likes that conservative now old guy.

  • Do leave Clint Eastwood alone.have some respect for his privacy.he’s alegend don’t up his name in dirty laundry

  • Oh come on .. Clint has his life and she has hers. Not unusual based on their age difference.