Clint Eastwood Wedding Ring Off – Separated From Dina Ruiz and Divorce Pending

Clint Eastwood Wedding Ring Off - Separated From Dina Ruiz and Divorce Pending

Clint Eastwood was spotted and snapped without his wedding ring on Saturday and we all know what this means. The 82 yr old legend is divorcing or at least threatening his wife, Dina. But let’s be honest; who didn’t see this coming?

Rumors began circulating about their relationship late last year after the disastrous reality show his wife Dina signed up for. For such a distinguished actor and director, I bet you he thought the show was a horrible idea. So why did he agree to it? Because he must’ve agreed to it. This was a man that changed the locks on his longtime lover while she was off working.   He was also a known womanizer long before he met Dina.

She even once took pride in the fact that despite his many relationships, she was only the second woman he actually married. So what the hell was up with the show? He probably asked himself that exact same thing right when it began airing. Clint wants out despite rumors to the contrary. The moment he removed his ring; he basically said his marriage was done. He could have lived with the aftermath of the show but with Dina returning to anchoring, things were going downhill fast.

As we, Celeb Dirty Laundry, have already reported Dina Eastwood has not only moved out of the family home but she also wants to go back to working on the news. She was someone long before she met him and now she no longer wants to be only Clint’s wife. That’s why Clint gave her the show. He tried to quiet down an independent woman but a rebellious wife. Hell, the anxiety that sent Dina to rehab was because her marriage was in trouble.

So we know she does worry about their relationship. But Clint wants all or nothing. You’re either his wife or your someone again. He refuses to accept both.  When Dina leaves treatment, if she back down with her dreams and goals, watch Clint’s wedding ring comeback!

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  • KabooseKim

    Hes 82 and she is 47…yeah, I know he is Clint Eastwood but he’s too damn old for her. Like no one say this 32 year age difference marraige coming to an end.