Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Not The Biological Father of ANY of His Children – Prince, Paris, or Blanket

Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Not The Biological Father of ANY of His Children - Prince, Paris, or Blanket

I’m actually a little surprised that it took this long for an interview with Conrad Murray to hit the internet – guess prices had to be negotiated carefully. He was released last month after serving two of his four year sentence in connection with Michael Jackson’s death by Propofol and opted to speak with The Daily Mail just a few days later to speak on the record. As Murray fights to try and get his medical license back he now insists that he never gave Michael a fatal Propofol dose, but that the troubled singer likely broke into his stash and shot himself up with it too fast causing cardiac arrest.

In fact, to hear Murray tell it he actually came to Michael’s drug party late and was trying to wean him off of the Propofol, not continue the abuse of the high-powered, short lasting drug. Murray claims that at the end of his life Michael was living in distrust of everyone and considered his family tree to be incredibly small in spite of the actual size of the Jackson family. Michael supposedly told Murray that he and Michael’s three children were the only real family that he believed that he had. As for those kids, Paris, Blanket and Prince Michael, Murray goes on the record to claim that none of them were biologically Michael’s kids, but I think we all kind of figured that much, right?

Because of Michael’s insistence that they were all family, Murray to this day claims to feel a strong responsibility to the kids because he insists that Michael would have wanted him to have a part in their lives, especially now that he’s not here to protect them. Do you think that Murray is telling the truth about his relationship with Michael and his attempts to wean him from the drug that eventually killed him? Or is Murray just telling a good story because the price was right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Not The Biological Father of ANY of His Children - Prince, Paris, or Blanket

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9 responses to “Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Not The Biological Father of ANY of His Children – Prince, Paris, or Blanket”

  1. bohomoth says:

    Sorta doesn’t surprise me given they’re all white and Michael was black?

    • anony says:

      Blanket isnt white his mom is said to be hispanic.I think out of all of the kids blanket looks the most like him.he has mj childhood facial features.

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    Pathetic ex-con will say anything to get a payday off of MJ, even stooping to using the children for attention. Vile scumbag needs to shut the hell up and disappear!

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  4. Nikki says:

    Dr Murray’s a piece of shit!!!!!

  5. twelfthnight says:

    I read an article a while back, can’t find it now, but it was about two sisters who were both biracial and one was very evidently black and the other didn’t look black at all.

    It’s how genetics fall that determine what or who a kid looks like, in the same way a child’s features look like their mother’s or their father’s. Race works the same way.

    Who are you to define what they ‘have in them’, or what classifies as black or not?

    Whatever their heritage is, does it really matter?

  6. Tracie says:

    I think that those kids are for Michael he raised those kids and loved them no matter what. That doctor needs to leave Michael’s kids alone thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he needs to leave Michael alone too!!!!!!!!!!! Michael is gone now!! The nerve of that doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. steph says:

    Murray is a piece of trash as well as Michael’s killer. He may not have purposely killed him, but his actions & relationship to MJ caused his death. Murray made those meds available to MJ even tho he had the power to say no &to keep these meds as far away as possible from a MJ or anyone else for that matter. He was responsible & he needs to realize that once & for all.
    I’m sure he’s doing all that talking for a big paycheck since he’s got so many kids & no job now. He claims to love MJ but yet he’s just like all the other money hungry ppl who pretended to be MJ’s friend to use & abuse him. If you truly love, honor & respect someone you claim to be close with then you do not go out & tell the world how sad, bad & twisted your friend is or was. If he does love MJ he needs to keep his trap shut & think about his kids who are the innocent ones, who didn’t ask to be born into this mess & who are all still struggling with their father’s death & who their father was to the world while he was alive.
    Shame on Murray!