Cory Monteith Used Cocaine and Pot-Laced Brownies on Set of Glee Back in 2010 – Report

Cory Monteith Used Cocaine and Pot-Laced Brownies on Set of Glee Back in 2010 - Report

Cocaine and Pot-Laced Brownies Were on Set of Glee Back in 2010 with Cory Monteith

It sounds like Cory Monteith may not have been the only Glee cast member with a drug problem! A few weeks after the actor was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room more information is slowly beginning to eek out about Cory’s dark side. Back in 2010 several Glee cast mates, including Cory shared cocaine and pot-laced brownies and cookies in between scenes.

According to the Aug. 12th print edition of National Enquirer, a well placed set-side source says that once the powers-that-be realized what was going on they absolutely flipped. Everyone was ordered to clean up their act or else they’d be fired. Cory was among those who were told that if they were caught doing anything behind the scenes they’d be gone.

Surely Glee isn’t the only set in Hollywood to find itself infiltrated with drugs and it won’t be the last either. Do you think that after threatening everyone the producers believed that Cory had cleaned up his act for awhile? It was clear earlier this year that they knew that there was a problem but do you think that there were signs along the way? We’ve heard some conflicting things where it seems that people had a clue about Cory’s issues, but then it’s referred to as his private dark side.

It makes me wonder if any of those cast mates that Cory dabbled with are still on that same path or if watching their friend die has made an impact. Glee is gearing up for an episode this season that will acknowledge Cory’s real life issues while also putting the character of Finn Hudson to rest permanently as well. Will you be tuning in? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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