Dancing With The Stars Wynonna Judd, Andy Dick, Lisa Vanderpump – Hidden Cast Secrets Revealed

Dancing With The Stars Wynonna Judd, Andy Dick, Lisa Vanderpump - Hidden Cast Secrets Revealed

Dancing with the Stars cast members are bound to know that the minute they sign on to the popular ABC Show, their lives will be put under the microscope. Despite this, there are certain secrets that every single member has been desperately trying to hide from the spotlight, but unfortunately haven’t managed to. The National Enquirer has uncovered secrets about each of the dancers, revealed below.

Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill is an Olympic Gold Medallist, so we know that she will perform on the show. However, most people don’t know that she fought off breast cancer, declared bankruptcy, had to deal with the death of her ex-husband, and was cheated on her by her second husband.  She’s also battled depression, among other health conditions.

Andy Dick

Did you know that Andy Dick, despite insisting that he’s sober, has actually been arrested many times for public intoxication, battery, indecent exposure, and possession of Xanax and Marijuana? Hopefully, he’s managed to get under control and is truly sober, or we’ll have an interesting season of DWTS to come.

Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler lost in American Idol, but she’s a winner on DWTS, especially as she’s partnered with all-star Derek Hough. Kellie’s past includes some tough upbringing, including being abandoned by her mom when she was just a baby. She remains estranged from her mom, but maybe the show will play a small part in bringing them together.

D.L. Hughley

The former sitcom star D.L. Hughley has more than a million dollars owed in tax payments, and while the DWTS gig will likely make a small dent in that debt, he’ll have to get his career together to be able to pay back the rest of the amount.

Wynonna Judd

Wynnonna Judd has been sent to rehab for food addiction, had been through many surgeries to slim down, is on her third marriage, and has had a DUI. Her marriages have ended up badly as her first marriage was over after two years and her second marriage ended after her husband was arrested for pedophilia. However, her fortunes may be turning around as DTWS alum Kirstie Alley will be mentoring her.

Lisa Vanderpump

The first Real Housewife to make it on the show. What can we say that hasn’t already been revealed by her show? Her turn on DWTS will probably cause a lot of jealousy among the other housewives, and the drama will likely increase the ratings for the next season of RH of Beverly Hills by a huge margin.

Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz is rumored to have dated Vanessa Bryant when she and Kobe Bryant were on a break, but who knows what actually happened. Ortiz has also previously gotten in trouble in the boxing rings for intentional head butting, so let’s hope he manages to keep his temper in check during his turn on DWTS.

Now that you know the cast, who do you think has the biggest chance of messing up?