Charlie Sheen’s Twin Sons Headed For Foster Care – Denise Richards Gives Up Brooke Mueller’s Violently Dangerous Boys

Charlie Sheen's Twin Sons Headed For Foster Care - Denise Richards Gives Up Brooke Mueller's Violently Dangerous Boys

What happens when you mix the DNA of Charlie Sheen’s pathology with that of Brooke Mueller’s Coo Coo Clock behavior? You end up with a set of twin boys that are in desperate need of psychological help and Charlie Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards knows this better than anyone else. She agreed to take the boys into her home and raise them with her three daughters. Brooke is always to messed up on drugs to parent and Charlie is just Charlie. He’ll pay the bills but he’s not exactly a hands-on parent.

Unfortunately Denise demanded a sit down meeting with DCFS medical Director Dr. Charles Sophy on Thursday to discuss the boys’ behavior. Brooke was also present as Denise gave a detailed account of how violent these kids are and all but begged for some sort of psychological treatment. When Brooke refused to allow her boys to have the mental help that they need then Denise totally pulled out of the whole situation. She refused to continue caring for both Bob and Max because the situation as it stands is putting her family in harm’s way.

Sophy ultimately wanted the kids to stay with Denise but is now looking for suitable placement in another home. At this point there is no other family member that will be capable of taking the boys so they are likely about to be put into the system. I’m sure that will really give Charlie something to rant about. Can you believe that Brooke won;t even allow her kids to get the help that they need? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet