Desiree Hartsock And Brooks Forester Reunite in Finale Part 2 – The Bachelorette Fake Drama Planned In Advance?

Desiree Hartsock And Brooks Forester Reunite in Finale Part 2 - The Bachelorette Fake Drama Planned In Advance?

So for those of you who saw The Bachelorette Season finale – Part 1 tonight, you know about the cliffhanger the show ended on. For those who didn’t, Desiree Hartsock ends up picking Brooks Forester but he rejects her. But considering that this is a reality show and they are not to be trusted, we ask the question: was this pre-planned?

Look, The Bachelorette is ultimately aimed to make people happy. Seeing the actual Bachelorette brokenhearted and unhappy isn’t going to make anyone happy. But considering that it so perfectly sets up for a happy reunion in Part 2, it looks almost suspiciously choreographed. In fact, if you told me it was a movie, I would have believed you. This was the second act of the movie, and Part 2 will be the final act where Brooks and Desiree are passionately reunited.

I mean, Brooks’ reasons for rejecting Desiree are a bit stupid, right? He went on the Bachelorette, what did he expect? Or maybe he realized he got in too deep, and changed his mind about committing to someone for life. I would buy both explanations – but again, the episode managed to end on such a perfect cliffhanger that I have a hard time believing that Desiree will now choose Chris or Drew. Unless the show does one of those third act twists and it turns out Drew or Chris is secretly Desiree’s best friend who has been in love with Desiree for a long time, and Desiree didn’t know it until now. But we know that’s not going to happen, because neither Drew or Chris knew Desiree before this show.

Still, expect a whopper of a Part 2, which will air next Sunday on ABC.

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  • Mike Cobb

    So like the opening line from the TV show Cops … “Bad girl, bad girl! Whatcha gonna do when they (Drew and Chris) come for you?” Is Desiree gonna say, “The man I have loved since the first day has dumped me. My heart is broken. I could never love you as much as I love him. You can go home now, if you want. Or, we can get married ….. as long as you never forget that you were my second choice.”

    It appears the cat is about to get out of the bag, and The Bachelorette is going to have to face the music ….. AND IT IS LONG PASSED TIME !! Chris and Drew are about to realize they’ve been played for the biggest fools on the planet. They both have every right to hate Des’ guts, and every right to say so on national television. I’m almost looking forward to that last show.

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