Emily Maynard Returns To The Bachelorette – Here Is Her Answer

Emily Maynard Returns To The Bachelorette - Here Is Her Answer

Once upon a time ago, Emily Maynard really believed that she was going to walk away from ABC’s The Bachelor as Brad Womach’s wife. When that volatile relationship quickly imploded the network offered Emily a life jacket and a whole wad of fast cash to appear on The Bachelorette. Jef Holm seemed to be a great guy and love looked to be in the air until she supposedly cheated and she then bribed him to ensure his silence on what a whore the perpetually bubbly Em really is.

For awhile it was expected that Emily would ride the reality television train for as long as humanly possible, hopping from show to show a’ la Kate Gosselin. Instead Em is smarter than the average reality star and knew when it was time to move on. According to Life & Style Magazine she has now been dating the same guy for nearly a year so those dating shows are certainly out of the question. Emily has also turned her focus towards building a jewelry and lifestyles brand, a venture that seems to be going really well.

According to Emily she has closed the book on reality television and that chapter in her life is now over with. Instead she is enjoying a much more low key lifestyle with her new man and now-8 year old daughter. Are you surprised that Em actually walked away rather than becoming a totally desperate famewhore, grasping at whatever nugget was tossed her way? Did you think we were going to be stuck with her for a long time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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