Fifty Shades Of Grey Script Details Revealed — So Ridiculously Dirty Actors Can’t Stop Laughing!


We always knew Fifty Shades of Grey was going to be raunchy, but with new reports on details contained in the script, I think we can say without hesitation that the movie will be rated a hard R.

The Carrie Diaries star Chloe Bridges, who’s not well known but definitely fits the description of Anastasia Steele, told Cosmopolitan in an interview that she was asked to audition for Fifty Shades of Grey. She reveals that she couldn’t get through the script with a straight face, especially because it had some . . . . interesting details.

She explains, “There were three pages of sides that I was going to audition with. I read them and then was like, I really can’t do this. If you read these three pages of sides, you would die. I still … show them to my friends for fun.”

She also gave specific details about some of the scenes — clearly showing that she had not read the book – when she stated, “The scene was, like, the girl telling her friends about some sexcapade she had … But it goes into extreme detail and uses the word sperm a couple times. I was like, ‘I don’t know guys, I have to go home to my grandparent’s house in a few months at Christmas, I don’t know if I can do this.’ … It was intense. So mad props to the people who are going to do it. You had to be able to take it seriously and not laugh or turn bright red.” Apparently, ‘sperm’ wasn’t used in a medical context but a ‘sexual’ one. Uh, duh. What did she expect?

Man, the casting directors for Fifty Shades of Grey must have had a blast. Getting to freak people out with these sides, especially when they hadn’t read the books. Most actors who hadn’t read the books were probably expecting something along the lines of Twilight, and instead they got sperm sex.

If this is how graphic and hilarious the scene used to audition was, I can’t even imagine what the rest of the script is like. But I’m now excited to watch the movie, purely to see how on earth the filmmakers and actors will manage to pull this off.

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One response to “Fifty Shades Of Grey Script Details Revealed — So Ridiculously Dirty Actors Can’t Stop Laughing!”

  1. 50shadesfan says:

    Are you nuts? She looks nothing like Ana. Are you saying this just because she has a full pout? A full pout doesn’t even describe Chloe…she has HUGE lips. She isn’t pale, and doesn’t have big blue eyes just to name a few of Ana’s make physical characteristics. Dakota Johnson doesn’t even either though – she is way too tall and not petite like Ana, she has tiny eyes, and very elongated/mature facial features. Totally not Ana at all! But anyway, this better have been a fake script because there is to talk of sperm or any conversation like that in the books. Ana can’t even talk about her relationship and even if she could she’d never talk like that. There is no scene like that in the books at all either.