Gal Gadot TOO Skinny to Play Wonder Woman – Will the Fans Demand A Recast?

Gal Gadot TOO Skinny to Play Wonder Woman - Will the Fans Demand A Recast?

There’s always something to look forward to at the next comic-con. Originally everyone thought the most interesting thing coming for 2014 was when we finally got images of Ben Affleck pretending to be our beloved Dark Knight but only looking like Daredevil in a darker hue (by the way its ok if you never saw this film= it wasn’t worth it). So imagine my surprise when out of nowhere the producers for the soon to be sequel Man of Steel happen to throw in Wonder Woman into the mix. The actress’s name is Gal Gadot.

She’s not a well-known actress. I say this because her role in the Fast & Furious movie can nearly be discounted. Pretty sure she was more decorative than actual substance on set. Still this girl came out of left field and you know what; she’s brought nothing but trouble ever since.

Originally there came the rumors we all looked forward to. There was some speculation of behind the scenes flirting with one of her co-stars as in the very married Ben Affleck. Yet as we recall he shot his ownself in the foot when he called his marriage “work” thereby leaving that interesting little cheating door wide open. And if we kindly remember he met his wife Jennifer Garner during the comic book turned movie Daredevil. She was his co-star!

With that alone the rumor mill could have been a fun ride but (and here is the kicker) the fans simply don’t like Gal. Frankly the fans don’t even want to see her as a sex symbol mainly because she’s too skinny to them. It’s ok if that throws you. Usually no one ever complains when a woman is too skinny in Hollywood. They’re only complaining now since Gal doesn’t currently fit the Wonder Woman mold. She’s tall and that’s it. There is more to Wonder Woman than her length. Where is the muscular arms mixed in with Sofía Vergara body?

In the shots where she’s obviously not photo-shopped she looks stick thin. Jokes aside, her side profile is a worrisome. In all honesty I wanted to feed her when I saw some ribcage. Which makes me sorry for her. Until she looks like she can beat you up and still look good no one is going to want to pay attention to what she can bring to the role. Better start bulking up!

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