David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Share a Bed and a Room On Hawaiian Vacation!

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Share a Bed and a Room On Hawaiian Vacation!

Oh boy, this is a sighting that is an X File fans’ dream come true. We have told you for months now that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are sharing an apartment in NYC and that their relationship is very definitely hot and heavy. Like every other romantic couple there is always a point in time when a vacation is in order and Gillian and David opted for Hawaii. It wasn’t just an escape for the loved up duo but it was a blended family jaunt with all of their kids along for the ride. David and Gillian had a room to themselves – yes they shared one room and one bed while the kids had separate rooms – leaving the lovebirds with plenty of private sex time!

X Files fans have long wanted to see these two actually pair up in real life and it has finally happened. They were all touchy feely at Comic Con recently and before that Gillian had admitted to living with David in an interview. Some fans dismissed it as her being sarcastic and pretending to give the fans what they wanted to hear, but let’s look at this realistically, shall we?

Neither David or Gillian is linked to anyone else right now, they live and vacation together and were affectionate in public. They wouldn’t be physical with each other in front of fans if they didn’t want people to talk. The truth is really right in front of your face if you are a fan, you just have to be willing to believe it!

Do you believe that after 20 years of friendship Gillian and David have finally found total love with each other? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Finally Together – Comic-Con Proves It


38 responses to “David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Share a Bed and a Room On Hawaiian Vacation!”

  1. i need to see photos to believe this – so if u have ’em, roll ’em out.

  2. busybeeblogger says:

    Didn’t see already say they’re LIVING together in NYC?

  3. GinaP says:

    Let’s just say that IF they were in Hawaii, David’s children were NOT there.

  4. GinaP says:

    They spent the entire month of August with their mother on the east coast.

  5. Pamela says:

    Tea will be upset if this is true…

  6. sd33 says:

    Her reason to lie is to make stupid snoggers happy. Crazy snogger will buy anything. Just like this site is making fun of you.

  7. Sandy says:

    One sighting in four years means she lives in NYC? No way.

  8. toriaweber says:

    Not photos. Twitter sightings of DD in LA in August.

  9. toriaweber says:

    I do think that is sweet. And it’s possible it happened I suppose if the dates match up. But I see no evidence that it was anything more that a friendly visit.

  10. Straightuptruth says:

    I condemn stalking, cyber and otherwise. Address your comments to the offender(s).

  11. Straightuptruth says:

    That’s for me to know.

  12. romie says:

    BOO! lol

  13. od33 says:

    Only delusions for snoggers.

  14. od33 says:

    So how hypocrite of snoggers and you say what’s right or wrong when they do wrong on a daily basis

  15. romie says:

    How would you know? Are you registered there?

  16. GinaP says:

    All this evidence that is supposedly there – what? What do you see that no one else does? How do you know it? Show me something other than “oh they gaze at each other” and I’ll reconsider. Just once give me a scrap, just a scrap of proof that you are so convinced by. Why is that SO MUCH to ask?

  17. GinaP says:

    Right on target – she is everywhere these days.

  18. Straightuptruth says:

    Wrong again, od33. I’m not mary flowers or mulderpause.

  19. Straightuptruth says:

    Your dog is smarter than you.

  20. Straightuptruth says:

    Wrong, Sandy. I don’t know those names but I know what I know and I know what you obviously don’t know..

  21. Straightuptruth says:

    You have proof they’re not together in public, except at XF events, which is exactly the way they want it. But they ARE together in private, far more than you know.

  22. Straightuptruth says:

    What are you so afraid of, odd one?

  23. Straightuptruth says:

    Scared you’ll have to revise your fantasies?

  24. Straightuptruth says:

    So sad you can’t have David or Gillian for yourself. They’re taken. By each other and have been for years. Say goodbye to your fantasy.

  25. Straightuptruth says:

    Except for a few days in Hawaii with the entire family, they were in Mass.

  26. Straightuptruth says:

    You’re familiar with all the snogger sites? Are you a snogger or the snogger police? Book ’em, Dan-o.

  27. Straightuptruth says:

    They’re a real life couple and have been for years. Friends, family and most of the showbiz community know about it. Open your eyes.

  28. Straightuptruth says:

    They are in Mass for the holiday weekend, but they were in Hawaii around mid-August, just as reported here at CDL.

  29. romie says:

    Nope, they were not in August the whole month. Sorry if it affects you.

  30. romie says:

    Oh yeah. They are actors who are acting to be a RL couple 24hs a day:) lol

  31. romie says:

    You didn’t tell me how you know what’s inside gillovny forum.

  32. romie says:

    I see now how limited your vocabulary is. That’s why you’re not too bright. Don’t worry, there’s still time to progress in life.

  33. fyi says:

    FYI – We need to stop leaving so many damn comments here because every time you come here to comment the site gets a hit and that will just make them want to publish more fake snogger stories.

  34. romie says:

    Not really. He was paid to attend.

  35. Sandy says:

    you dont know who “the poster is or her “mom” so you cant know that she had no motive or reason. She could be a 16 year old boy or a 60 year old man for all you know.

  36. Sandy says:

    You dont discount sightings that are credible to YOU.

  37. Sandy says:

    Why are they hiding this relationship now?