Halle Berry’s Daughter Nahla Aubry Rejected from Kindergarten: Mothers Feared Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry's Daughter Nahla Aubry Rejected from Kindergarten: Mothers Feared Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez

Modern schools seem to be getting more and more dangerous, so we’re totally on board with the elite moms of Buckley School in Los Angeles kicking Halle Berry out after learning about fiancé Olivier Martinez’s nasty violent fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Halle has been touring schools across Los Angeles, searching for the perfect kindergarten program for her 4-year-old daughter Nahla. She loved the Buckley School, but it didn’t love her!

A mom insider reported to Star Magazine, print edition January 14, 2013, “She is full of drama and always has trouble with her men. The moms are concerned.” And so they should be! We reported that Olivier and Gabriel got into a brutal fight after threats were exchanged on school grounds while attending Nahla’s play! If school is going to be the middle ground between Nahla’s two homes, there will be a lot of opportunity for new threats, new fights, and new drama! No mom wants to put her kids in that situation!

So instead of bending over backwards for the celeb mom, the moms of Buckley School have just booted her off the acceptance list entirely! “We pay a lot of money for this school, and the last thing we want is trouble,” explained one mom insider. The school doesn’t need another celeb endorsement, and certainly doesn’t need short-tempered, violent Frenchmen on the premise! Best to lock the gate and send Halle off with Olivier to Paris. That’s where her heart is, after all!

At $30,000 a kid annually, the other parents shouldn’t have to put up with the drama Halle brings everywhere she goes! Can you imagine back to school night? A few threats mumbled in French, and then all those dioramas, squashed! Is it unfair to deny Halle Berry on the grounds of the violent men surrounding her and Nahla, or do the moms have justifiable grounds? The Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry fight was a nasty brawl indeed, so perhaps the mothers of Buckley School have a reason to want that drama out of their school.

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  • Aaron Young

    Oh please, those moms are just jealous. I am sure there are a few of those women that have abusive husbands at home and their kids have seen plenty of fights and arguments also, its not the first time a father and step father have had problems, it happens with step moms and mothers too. its a normal situation. I am sure its not the first time a parental argument went down. She’s paying money like the rest of these women, who are they to deny her daughter a great education because daddy cant be get over the fact that mom has moved on. Granted people need to know there is a time and place for everything and no children should not see certain things however it is life, thats the problem people spend to much time shielding their kids from reality. I am sure these women argue with their husbands. things arent perfect in rich peoples worlds either. Thats why those white women drink so much wine and are known for pill popping.They have cheating husbands, kids are upset dad is always working, he’s never around. they have problems too! jealous ass house wives.

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  • dwyane

    I don’t blame them, she has always been unstable and she knew they where going to fight, the woman has mental problems and everyone knows it even her manager knows it, the only things he does is going around looking for someone to give her an award for her pathetic acting. They say she want stay on her medicines and has the need to be seen everyday. Look at her past, she is the nut case. I would not want her around my kids after what happen at these schools. She wants to be white, well now she sees, they don’t want her and the blacks don’t care anyway. She is unstable at that age acting like a jungle bunny. I wish she would go live with that broke down ugly old smelly short broke phony make believe boyfriend.

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