Henry Cavill at Comic Con Talks Love Life For First Time After Kaley Cuoco Split

Henry Cavill at Comic Con Talks Love Life For First Time After Kaley Cuoco Split

Henry Cavill was at the Superman panel at Comic-Con earlier on Saturday, and although the big news was the confirmed Batman/Superman sequel, Henry did spend some time discussing his love life.

As we all know, Henry’s love life has been at the center of tabloid news for the past few weeks, and his showmance with Kaley Cuoco has been debated endlessly on the Internet. But what does Henry think about the public discussion on his private life?

Well, firstly, he’s asked about how his life has changed since Man of Steel came out in theaters. His reply was, “The private life is considerably reduced.” When the interviewer adds that she’s seen stories on his love life in the news every week, he says, “Everyone seems to know where I am, what I’m doing, and you know, it’s interesting, but it’s new and I’m just going to have to adapt to it. You’ve just got to take it in stride and see how it goes. Nothing in life, no big change in life is easy, but you have to look for the positives in that change and that’s what I’m trying doing.”

Nice dodge there, Henry. I think he was scared about where the interview was going when the topic came to his love life in the news, but he wasn’t pressed about any specifics.

Based on this interview, it almost seems like Henry’s trying to play off the whole tabloid mess as a result of Man of Steel. But him getting papped with Kaley Cuoco after a People Magazine exclusive in a remote non-pap friendly neighborhood is pretty telling. And besides, he’s nowhere near the level of fame as some other celebrities who manage to stay out of the spotlight just fine.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Pamela

    They were the weirdest couple ever, and it lasted what, a day?

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  • fanfan

    There are some big stars, but they were not in a blockbuster on June so you can’t tell someone was at the same level of fame at this instant.

    Anyway, that’s not the problem: paps are not well educated and they go wherever they want to go to film whoever they want to film. That’s all. That’s not the first time they take pics of celebs in this grocery or another famous places. They seem to know where they go. You can even see some pics of another actors in this grocery who are less famous than Henry. Really less.

    It looks like you are paranoiac with your “calling paps” story… You don’t need to call them. They are everywhere.

    And I don’t know who the “sources” were, but it seems they got it wrong about his relationship with Kaley. They probably thought it would last longer…

    At least, it was true, they were together…we just dunno how much time they were.