Homeland RECAP 12/1/13: Season 3 Episode 10 “Good Night”

Homeland RECAP 12/1/13: Season 3 Episode 10 “Good Night”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “Good Night” Fara is forced to rejoin the team due to a sudden crisis.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode Carrie reunited with Brody, but the circumstances were more difficult than either of them imagined. Meanwhile, Saul got a win from an unlikely source; and Dana struggled with her new life away from home.  The doctor at the hospital confirmed what Carrie knew that she was 13 weeks pregnant and the baby is fine.

On tonight’s show Brody embarks on a high-stakes mission, but his fragile condition threatens the operation. What Brody does not know is that if he asks for asylum in Tehran Dar Adal has that covered as he has drones with bombs.  Meanwhile, Quinn makes an uncomfortable discovery about Carrie that she is pregnant; and Fara is forced to rejoin the team due to a sudden crisis.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 10 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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At CIA headquarters, Carrie finds Quinn waiting for her. He says they need to talk and he asks about her shoulder. She says she’s so tired of all the BS and he says that it was a direct order to shoot and he didn’t want to risk someone else taking the shot and really harming her. They head into the elevator. Quinn says he looked at her records while she was in surgery. She’s angry and he says he was worried about the damage to her shoulder. He tells her he knows she’s pregnant and says she should sit this part of the operation out because she can’t be objective. Carrie asks if he means she can’t be objective because she’s carrying Brody’s child.

Quinn says yes. Carrie says it’s not his child and no one’s business – especially not his. She tells him to stay the f- out of her way. Four miles north of the Iranian border, Brody and his team cook a feast in a field. They are dressed in native garb. Brody says it’s good and one of the guys says the secret is to relax the goat before you slit its throat. He says that’s why (name indiscernible) has lockjaw and sore knees. HA! The guy being disparaged flips the other guy off. Brody laughs.

At the CIA, Carrie and Quinn come in. She asks how Brody is doing. The coordinator says they’re waiting for nightfall before they drop Brody near the border.

At the White House, Dar and Chief of Staff talk about the operation. He says the operation will be a success and if not, they can still cover. Dar tells the Chief of Staff that all Brody has to do is walk across the border and ask for asylum.

Brody flips his sock inside out and the other guy asks if it’s a Marine thing. He thinks that Brody is just swapping one kind of dirt for another. The team does a com check with CIA headquarters. The Chief of Staff and Dal listen in from the White House. The coordinator asks how Brody is doing and the team leader says pretty good for a jar head. Carrie asks what they will encounter at the border.

They pull up surveillance and there’s not much going on there – no chatter to be alarmed about. The team leader asks Brody to go over his cover story again. He says that after the bombing he went into Canada then to Columbia and to Venezuela and then was dropped off to an Al Qaeda cell that brought him to Iraq and then he made his way to Iran. Saul watches the surveillance from his laptop in his office. He calls his secretary to ask for more of his favorite gum. His secretary assures him she stocked up for him.

The team leader asks if Brody wrote a goodbye letter and he says if he did they would know it. The leader says he could have coordinated it with his CIA lady friend. Brody just looks down.

Saul comes into the ops center and says it’s show time. They have a blip with the surveillance drone and Carrie wants to hold off until it’s back online. Saul tells her the drone is only for them since the team has sat phones. Brody prays at sunset in the direction of Mecca. He prostrates himself and then prepares to cross the border. The team hops into a truck and drives toward Iran. The other vehicle with the rest of the team follows.

They pull over as another vehicle passes and turn out their lights. With night vision they look to see what’s going on. There’s a gas truck up ahead servicing corrupt official’s vehicles. The border is a mile beyond that. The ops coordinator says to wait it out. The team leader tells the guys to make it look like car trouble for any passing vehicles. The team leader tells Brody they’re waiting on Langley to provide an alternate route. He tells him there’s a tech issue with the drone. Brody says this is a bad start to the mission. The drone comes back online and Carrie sighs.

They move the drone to look for an alternate route and let the team know they’re working on it. Carrie asks Saul if he’s chewing his lucky gum and he offers her a stick. A truck pulls up behind the two team vehicles. The team leader tells Brody to put his head down like he’s sleeping and tells him not to move. He tells the CIA that local cops have just rolled up. The cops ask what’s going on and the team responds in the local language. They asks why the men are there.

The cops hold a gun on them and says “Al qaeda.” Carrie says they’re not buying the cover story and are going to check the truck. Quinn tells Carrie they need to say good night before the cops see Brody. The cops hold a gun on the team leader. They then shine a light in Brody’s face and he lifts his head. He looks over at them and the team leader says good night. The team acts quickly and takes out all of the cops.

Carrie chews the gum tensely. They watch on night vision as the team dumps the cop’s bodies. Brody is sucking wind and the leader asks if he’s okay. There’s blood on his face from where the sniper took out the guy leaning in his window. Brody jumps out of the truck and runs. The team leader chases him and holds him down. Brody says he can’t do it and the leader says he can and that it’s too late in the game. He asks Brody if he’s scared and he says he is too and shits himself anytime he’s sent back there. He tells Brody that he needs to be okay so they can all live through the night. He forces Brody to tell him that he’s okay. Brody calms down. He hustles Brody back to the truck.

The ops center asks the leader if it’s okay. The team leader says that Brody got car sick and will be okay. Carrie says they can see what happened and asks why they’re BSing. The team leader insists that it’s all good. They give them the alternate route and the team takes off.

At the White House, the Chief of Staff asks if they just killed three Iraqi police and Dar says the president doesn’t need to know. Lockhart grabs a phone and calls for the JSOC (joint special operations command) leader.

The ops coordinator tells Carrie that the route the team is headed into has been a no man’s land since the war. We see two men outside the ops center waiting for access. Saul comes out and greets Lockhart and the General and they say that they are there to observe and advise. Saul asks what all he knows about the op and Lockhart says he knows about it all – even Brody’s involvement. He tells Saul that since he will be inheriting the situation, he’s invested in it succeeding. Saul pulls him aside and asks what about the breathing room he promises. Lockhart says he has postponed his confirmation hearings and that’s what he agreed to.

 A little over a kilometer away from the border, they show Brody that he has to cross a small river and then skirt it for three miles to get back to the original checkpoint they had targeted. The drone monitor says there are two Iraqi hummers a few clicks south. The team leader says they need to keep quick, quiet and small. He says only he and Brody will carry on from there and that they are to remain behind and keep a low profile.

Saul and Carrie watch this all on cameras. Brody and the team leader drive with lights off guided by night sight gear. He asks Brody what he wanted to be when he grew up and Brody says he doesn’t have to manage him – says he’ll be fine. He says he’s just making conversation. Brody asks what he wanted to do and he says he grew up in Texas and wanted to ride bulls. He says his nuts couldn’t take it anymore and so he does this now.

They drive over a mine that tears the truck in two and sends it up and then crashing down. The screen flickers and Carrie asks what happened. They call the team leader and get no answer. The bravo team says he hit a mine or IED. They check on the satellite for hostiles but don’t spot any. But then the drone monitor says the Iraqi patrol is headed back toward the area of the explosion.

The Chief of Staff freaks out and says they need to call the President but Dar says to wait and let the dust settle. Dar tells him not to panic. The VP wants to call the Iraqis and Dar says and tell them what – that they have a CIA team they didn’t tell them about operating there. The Chief of Staff asks if the drone is armed and calls Saul. They bring him up on screen. He says they can blow up the vehicle and say that they found an Al Qaeda cell smuggling a known terrorist into Iran. Carrie is appalled and says they may not be dead. Saul says he won’t order a strike on their own men and tells them to hang up on the VO. They do.

The drone monitor says there is movement in the lead vehicle. They see a man crawl out and lay on the ground. He stands and then goes back in to drag out another person. The monitor confirms that there are two heat signatures and both are alive.

We see Brody holding the team leader who says his leg hurts. We see it’s blown away from the shin down. Brody gets him to sit up and then picks him up and drags him away from the truck. Brody calls the other team and tells them that he’s treating the leader for shock but that they need to come now. He tells them to be careful and follow their exact route in. He also tells them where they’ll be hiding. Brody tells the leader that he’s going to get him out of there. He goes to work saving his life. He asks Brody for a cigarette. Brody lights it up and then gives it to him.

The B team finds them and shoots their leader up with morphine. Brody helps them wrap him up. They grab him and run for the truck but then there’s gunfire and they have to stop. They say that the Iraqi patrol has joined the party and they swap gunfire. They call it in to CIA ops center. They see the men on the ground. Saul says they need to not escalate it and they are told suppressive fire only. They ask the general for advice because they just found out the Iraqis are calling in for more fire power. Saul hands the op over to the General and says that the intelligence operation is over and it’s now a military operation.

The General calls the team and tells them to push back the Iraqis with hellfire and get out of there. Brody asks if they’re aborting the mission. Lockhart tells Saul it’s rotten lock and Saul walks out. Carrie stops him and says at least they still have Javadi. Saul stands outside the ops room looking dejected.

Brody tells the team that he’s not going back. He says he’s going into Iran. The B leader calls into the General and tells him that Brody isn’t complying and is refusing to come with them. Carrie asks to talk to him. The General tells them to put Brody on the line and he hands Brody his earpiece. Carrie asks Brody if he can hear her. Brody tells her they’re going to abort the mission.

She tells him he can’t do it alone. He says he’s only 300 yards away. Carrie tells him to fall back and says they’ll try it again later. She says right now he will die if he goes in without support. He tells her that she’s wrong and that she’ll find a way to get him home. He tells her he has faith in him and signs off. The B leader says they’re moving out and Brody says again that he’s not going. A big artillery hit rattles the building and the team is knocked down. Brody takes this as an opportunity to run out.

The B team calls in to the ops center and tells them that Brody took off. The General says f- him and calls for hellfire now. Carrie and Quinn watch. She’s distraught. The B team gets their leader loaded up but then the team leader runs over. He says to come back for him. He runs and helps Brody get across the border. Brody starts to run but then they’re surrounded. The ops team asks who is surrounding them. Brody says his name and is struck in the stomach. He asks for asylum and the team leader says he’s Al Qaeda. The ops center monitors Irani communications and they say they have two prisoners. Carrie asks for confirmation that it’s Iran and not Iraq and they confirm.

Carrie comes to Saul’s office and tells him they evacuated the casualty and that Brody made it across. Saul is stunned. He asks how. She says he made a last second head first run right into the arms of Irani military. She sits and smiles and says – he made it. She tells Saul that he’s still in the game and Saul says – I’ll be damned.

Brody and the team leader sit in a holding cell. He tells Brody that they will treat them as Israeli agents because that’s how they treat everyone. He asks Brody what to expect when you’re tortured and Brody says – expect to break. He asks Brody how long he held out and he says he lost track of time but thinks about seven days. The team leader says he hopes he can last long enough for Brody to get his business done in Tehran.

Fara sits at her station when Carrie comes upon her. She sits down and tells Fara that she’s one of the few that know about Javadi. Fara says she didn’t tell anyone and Carrie says she knows and that she’s very responsible for the success of the operation. She tells Fara that was only half of the operation. She says they now have an American asset in Iran that needs extraction.

She asks her about her uncle in Tehran and Fara says no. She says that they can’t ask her to risk her family. Fara tells Carrie that she wouldn’t ask her own family to stick out their necks and Carrie says she might. She says she knows her uncle isn’t one to avoid trouble. She says they only need a safe place to meet and that they owe their agent a chance to get out alive.

Brody wakes up the team leader. He tells him someone is coming. The door opens and Javadi walks in! They yell for the team leader to stand up. Brody tells Javadi that he is formally seeking Asylum. Javadi says he knows who he is. Javadi sends the guard out. Javadi asks Brody if he’s ready to go to Tehran. Brody asks about the team leader and Javaid shoots him in the head. Brody screams at him and Javadi tells him to calm down. The guard comes back in as Javaid holds a gun on Brody. Javaid tells him – now we go to Tehran!

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