Ian Somerhalder Flirts With Freida Pinto To Make Nina Dobrev Jealous

Ian Somerhalder Flirting With Freida Pinto To Make Nina Dobrev Jealous

After just a few months apart, Nina Dobrev has moved on from Ian Somerhalder with Dancing with the StarsDerek Hough. It wasn’t a coincidental relationship, considering that Nina and Derek’s sister, Julianne Hough, are best friends. However, there were so many rumors about Ian wanting to get back together with Nina that it’s clear that he must be devastated.

Several sources close to the Vampire Diaries set had initially stated [after Nina and Ian’s breakup] that there was a possibility that they could get back together in the future. However, it looks like Nina was never holding out for that. Obviously, if Ian did cheat on Nina, then it’s good that she didn’t go back to him. But Ian seems to be going out of his way to be photographed with several women the day after Nina’s news was confirmed via the tabloids.

Ian was at a dinner for Conde Nast this week, and although we’re just playing assumption with the photos available online, it looks like he and Freida Pinto were really hitting it off. Obviously, Freida’s attached to Dev Patel and has been for the last few years, but there’s no doubt that Ian was flirting with her. They’re both laughing and there are many, many, many pictures of them together for the evening. So is it a coincidence or calculated on Ian’s part?

If he’s still hung up on Nina, I could see how this might be his way of pretending he doesn’t care – even if he does. If he has genuinely moved on from Nina, then he might be trying to find a rebound relationship. Unfortunately, Freida’s taken – so he’ll have to find someone else.

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2 responses to “Ian Somerhalder Flirts With Freida Pinto To Make Nina Dobrev Jealous”

  1. isha says:

    i think you guys are crackheads!mental with no respect..Ian was at a great event,talk about his achievement,do not belittle that,He works so hard on social media for a good cause…he was awarded for the same..And this Indian actress happened to be there,and she was around him..so pictures are there,Ian was not flirting there,he was with his mother there..You can post pics about Derek&Nina because they are in love…But if you talk about Ian,talk about the stuff he does like ISF work,his work of creating awareness on twitter..Stop acting irresponsibly

  2. Sarah says:

    You guys are pathetic, you can be interested in this shit, I am, but to sit there and bad mouth nina or Ian when you have never met them ? Not to mention sitting here saying what is and what isn’t and getting angry at other people for voicing opinions. You do realise that none of you know what the real story is, maybe some of you are right, maybe not but to bag someone else out when you can’t be sure yourselves. You sound like 12 year old girls who are in love with Ian and then bag nina out because you “Love” him when in reality you will never meet him, he won’t fall in love with you or marry you so how about you sad pathetic people let others have their own opinion and stop correcting everyone else since you cant acutely know the truth yourselves.