Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Skip Coachella 2013 As Their Love and Relationship Fade

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Skip Coachella As Their Love and Relationship Fade

Nina Dobrev is really feeling the difference that a years’ time can make. The Vampire Diaries star spent yesterday, the first officially day of Coachella, in Atlanta, on set rather than grooving in the sunshine with a significant other named Ian Somerhalder. If you remember back to this time last year it was at the epic music festival that Nina and Ian first caused a stir. Little did we realize that back then the couple was six months into a relationship and that’s why they thought nothing of kissing as fellow concert-goers snapped photos.

Neither Ian nor Nina are at Coachella this weekend, instead both are busy filming but Nina couldn’t help but reminisce about the festival on twitter saying,

In ATL filming today-Mourning my absence from Coachella. Today is day 1 of sunshine music festivities. But just because I’m not there doesnt mean I cant rock my Coachella gear here in ATL while I listen to the music on my iPod.”

Not only is she stuck filming but her relationship with Ian seems to hit a bit of a wall too. We have seen them together in public only twice within the last two months and they don’t seem nearly as connected as they had been over the past year. Nina has hinted to signs of trouble here and there, basically looking like a woman trying to save a sinking ship while Ian goes on with his life. If you really think about it, TVD fans really don’t know a whole lot about the man that Nina clearly is still carrying a torch for. Every tweet is either cause-related or about work. Precious little is personal. Perhaps that’s precisely the kind of wall that Nina mentioned trying to break down last week. Who is he? Does she even know?

Will Nina and Ian get it together and reconcile or is it all over as far as he’s concerned and we’re just watching Nina slowly get over it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • my thoughts:you guys need to get a more meaningful life….you’re sounding like a broken record now…

  • being worried about the world and doing something about it in your own capacity is not called jumping to causes,same as Ian is worried about the issues we’re facing in the world you and everyone should worry &do something in their capacity..the world is not only about finding out which couple is with who and who has broken up with whom…there’s much more to do in this world…why worry?leave them alone,they are working hard and being exhausted,they don’t need your crap,thank you

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