Janet Jackson Surrogate Pregnancy With Fiance Wissam Al Mana – Report

Janet Jackson Defrosts Eggs For Surrogacy Pregnancy With Fiance Wissam Al Mana

Janet Jackson is best known for her Super Bowl scandal (in which she exposed her breast for all of two seconds, causing national outcry and fury) and being part of the sprawling Jackson family. But it’s time to add “mother” to her list of identifiers! The 46-year-old singer is planning a spring wedding in Qatar with billionaire fiancé Wissam Al Mana, and a new insider confirms the pair is planning to get pregnant immediately!

Janet “froze her eggs in case she and [Wissam] ever decided to start a family together,” Star Magazine reported in print edition February 4, 2013. “She’s searching for a surrogate.” Janet and Wissam have been engaged for more than a year, so they’re long overdue for a wedding!  Though Janet has two failed marriages under her belt, “Wissam is the man she finally wants a child with.” Can she make it work this time, or will she become the next infamous Hollywood divorcee?

Despite her trouble in love, Janet has always looked forward to motherhood. Rather than face the cruel tick tock of her biological clock, Janet froze her eggs, ensuring pregnancy at any age. “She’s thrilled she thought ahead and took the necessary measures before it was too late,” a friend reports. “Janet’s the happiest she’s been in years, and the one thing that’s missing in her life is a baby.”

This is all very romantic, but didn’t sources report that she’d cruelly hit niece Paris Jackson? Micheal Jackson’s children have been at the mercy of their selfish family since his death, and Paris herself has spoken about the drama! If Janet can’t even dote upon her orphaned niece, can she raise a baby? Do you think Janet and Wissam can make it, or is their relationship already doomed, haunted by her many skeletons?


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  • Nia

    It has already been confirmed that Janet DID NOT slap Paris nor did she call her a b*tch. Paris herself even confirmed it. I think Janet will make an amazing mother. She’s sweet, affectionate and will have nothing but love for her child. She’s long over due to be a mother. I hope she goes through with her plans if this is true. The best of luck to Janet and Wissam! :-)

  • CLd21

    writer or whatever you call yourself here:
    Maybe you should write articles that are a) factual b) when you’re not on the rag b/c this has a negative spin to it c) not on the hater payroll.

  • CLd21

    Non-factual/gossip articles again. What’s new?

  • Nikola

    Janet Jackson is best known for having 150 million records sold, 6 Number One albums in America alone (more than Michael) and more Billboard awards than any other artist, not for her Super Bowl scandal.

  • Janet Jackson is actually best known for her music with her dancing, coming from a musical family which is the most talented ever! not the superbowl halftime show, I dare you to say Madonna is known for kissing Britney Spears at the MTV music awards in 2003.. Why do so much hate always have to be mounted on black people? Jealous much? Get over yourselves already!

    • yeah this article is ridiculous. Whoever wrote it sounds like a moron

  • Janet Jackson is a musical Icon, she has sold millions of records. She doesn’t need your approval for anything, whoever wrote this is just jealous.

  • dave

    well if shes got the money no parent enjoys knowin their kid belongs elsewhere if you insist