Jenelle Evans Spying On Gary Head While Pregnant – She Hasn’t Changed

Jenelle Evans Spying On Gary Head While Pregnant - She Hasn't Changed

Since Jenelle Evans confirmed her pregnancy with her current boyfriend Nathan Griffith she has been on a mission to prove to skeptics that she has changed her ways. What better way to prove that you are no longer an immature Teen Mom looking for drama, than to pick a fight on Twitter with your ex-boyfriend? If Jenelle’s life is as perfect as she claims it is, why is she still worried about what her ex-boyfriend Gary Head is posting on Twitter anyways? Shouldn’t she be planning her wedding to Nathan Griffith (or her divorce to Courtland Rogers) or painting a nursery or something?

Jenelle Evans seems to think that her ex-boyfriend Gary Head (the one that she left for Courtland Rogers and then ran back to after Courtland Rogers) is spying on her, and trying desperately to be like her current boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Today Jenelle Evans tweeted this message to ex Gary Head. “Why don’t you stop spying on me and worry about your own shitty life dude. Be original girls don’t like when dudes put on fronts like you. Nathan works out, so you try doing it. Nathan takes protein and suddenly you do too. Retweeting negative articles that don’t concern you, and playing GTA 5.

Jenelle Evans Spying On Gary Head While Pregnant - She Hasn't Changed

There are so many things wrong with this, besides the obvious, if you are pregnant with another man’s baby why do you care what your ex is up to? It’s scary to think that someone this immature is bringing another baby into the world. Who cares if your ex-boyfriend is working out or playing the same video game as your current boyfriend? Jenelle must have realized how ridiculous she sounded, because she quickly deleted her tweets to Gary Head (luckily we were able to take a screen-shot before she did).

Gary Head’s response? He made light of the situation and tweeted, “Great workout! Now making a protein shake. Thank-you Nate and Jenelle for inspiring me so much.” Apparently Gary thinks Jenelle’s accusations are as hilarious as we do.

Jenelle Evans Spying On Gary Head While Pregnant - She Hasn't Changed

The even funnier part about all of this? Jenelle must have been spying on her ex Gary Head to see that he was retweeting articles about her, and drinking protein shakes, and playing Grand Theft Auto 5.

Despite what she wants the world to think, Jenelle Evans has certainly NOT changed.