Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Advice From Brad Pitt – She Listens!

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Advice From Brad Pitt - She Listens!

Remember back in 2000 when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt married in that over the top, cliff side ceremony that made most other lavish ceremonies look simple by comparison? Remember how they seemed the portrait of happiness and it looked like Jen got exactly what she wanted on the biggest day of her life? Well guess what? That wedding was planned primarily by Brad! He was the one that wanted the occasion to be a huge show stopper! If left up to Jen, the day would have had fewer guests and it would have been a much more low key affair.

Luckily Jen is planning a do-over of sorts when she ties the knot with Justin Theroux – a ceremony rumored to be planned for this spring. According to the April 22nd print edition of Life & Style, Jen is definitely planning a day that reflects who she really is. This time around the former Friends’ star may very well opt for a destination wedding somewhere tropical. She loves the heat and island vibe, plus it’ll make it a bit harder for the paparazzi to invade her happy day.

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Advice From Brad Pitt - She Listens!

Look for a simpler, less structured gown, a guest list of only those closest to the couple and a very simple menu for her reception. Clearly Jen is ready to leave all of the pomp and circumstance is the past with Brad. Embracing a simpler life has done wonders for the actress and it likely is what led her to Justin in the first place.

Do you think Jen and Justin will last longer than she and Brad did? Is Jen finally getting her version of a happily ever after? Do you think her first marriage was ultimately a mistake? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Advice From Brad Pitt – She Listens!”

  1. shari says:

    I think this time Jen is making a better choice for her.

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    Don’t get the interest in her, one successful late 90’s sitcom, crappy acting and some stripped down mag covers. That constitutes celebrity? Pass