Jennifer Aniston Looking Decidedly Frumpy and Middle-Aged – Bad Habits Taking Their Toll (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston Looking Decidedly Middle-Aged - Bad Habits Taking Their Toll (PHOTOS)

At 44-years old Jennifer Aniston is typically praised for remaining in such great shape physically. Once she whipped herself into shape back in her early days on Friends, keeping herself on track seems to have been one of Jen’s top priorities in life. We have heard all about her fitness routines and diet quirks but at the same time we’ve also heard that she parties, hard.

According to the August 5th print edition of Star magazine all of that booze and the chain smoking is finally starting to show on Jen’s body. She was recently photographed in a mini skirt and the skin on her thighs looked super creepy. The experts say that diet can definitely accentuate any natural rippling that a woman’s’ body may have. Excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking and too much sun can all make skin look a lot worse as well.

This is probably the first time we’ve ever really seen any hint of wear and tear on Jen’s body over the years. I have to wonder if her strained relationship with Justin Theroux is putting more stress on the star and it has caused her to lean on her vices a bit more than she previously had been. Don’t forget, Justin has been living 3000 miles away in NYC for work and Jen blatantly refused to go with him. In other words, things have not been fabulous between them and that may have caused Jen to indulge a bit more than usual.

Are you kind of glad to see a hint of aging on Jen? Does it humanize her a bit more? I mean, how many women are really picture perfect at 44? Do you think that her hard partying is finally catching up with her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Jennifer Aniston in “Squirrels to the Nuts” filming in New York City, New York on July 25, 2013

Photo Credit: FameFlynet