Jennifer Lopez Adoption: Mom Furious At Casper Smart Baby News

Jennifer Lopez Adoption: Mom Furious At Casper Smart Baby News

Casper Smart wants to make sure he continues to get a $10,000 weekly allowance by pushing Jennifer Lopez into having a baby with him. We had previously reported that J-Lo was ready to start a family with the 25-year old, but the only thing that was holding her back were her parents, especially her mother Guadalupe because she finds it disgusting how her 43-year old daughter can even consider it.

J-Lo’s parents are very traditional – you get married, you have kids and you live happily ever after, so when they found out that Jennifer had wanted to call it quits with ex-husband Marc Anthony – whom she secretly met up with last month at a New York Hotel – Guadalupe insisted on keeping a close eye on her daughter to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.

Going out with a man that’s 18 years younger than you had already pissed her off enough, so now that she has to hear that Jennifer wants to have a child with Casper who is old enough to be her son, it makes sense why any parent would be fuming. But that’s not all. According to the National Enquirer, the multi-platinum selling artist plans on ADOPTING a baby with Smart as opposed to actually having a child naturally – which quickly leads us to believe that she’s doing this because if she and Casper ever break up, she doesn’t need to see his resemblance in her baby’s face. Ha.

The tabloid paper says that Jennifer’s mom “is so furious over the idea of the couple adopting a child from Mexico that she’s been telling pals she’ll ‘slap Jennifer upside the head’ if she even considers it.” Due to Guadalupe’s strong religious beliefs, she “doesn’t approve of Casper and is afraid his bond with Jennifer will be strengthened if they adopted a kid together.”

Lopez is very close to her family so if she does go through with it, she can forget about ever seeing her mother again. She seems to have made an exception on the fact that Jen wants to date a younger man, but to move to the next step and start a family doesn’t seem to be appropriate in her opinion. Yikes! The source adds that while Jennifer is still considering the idea of adopting, Casper is starting get very pushy by constantly bringing up the subject of becoming a father.

We don’t know what’s more shocking; Casper having a child with Jennifer or that he gets a $10,000 allowance from the singer every week.

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