Jennifer Lopez To Reunite With Ben Affleck On Screen? Not If Jennifer Garner Can Help It!

Jennifer Lopez To Reunite With Ben Affleck On Screen?

Ben Affleck has accomplished exactly what he was aiming for. As Hollywood’s award season is winding down he is the hottest thing in town and everyone is clamoring to work with the actor. His Argo is up for 7 Oscars and Ben’s career is one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood sky right now. Former fiancee, Jennifer Lopez is no slouch when it comes to angling for what she wants and right now what she wants is to team up with Ben on the big screen again.  She realizes that right now pretty much anything he touches will turn to gold and she wants to be included in that.

Jen has been sending the star emails and according to the Feb 25th print edition of the GLOBE she invited the Affleck family to her twin’s upcoming party, trying to get in better with Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner I guess. The problem is that Garner is having none of this and she sees Jen’s angling for exactly what it is, a shameless attempt to ride on Ben’s coat tails and enjoy the waves of extra fame that he has worked for.

Apparently Garner is a sweetheart that hates no one (according to Ben) but she has absolutely no use for J-Lo.  She has put her foot down and doesn’t want her husband having any sort of friendly contact with her and also is refusing to attend the twin’s party.  Can you blame her?  Would you want your husband getting chummy with his ex who has a boyfriend, but isn’t exactly tied down?

Do you think J-Lo’s motives are really just work related?  Does she want to use Ben to help her land a film project that is box office magic, or is she looking to rekindle a bit more than that? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Garner already forced Ben to drop out of ‘Focus’ because Kristen Stewart was his co-star. Garner didn’t want to deal with the inevitable media circus that would ensue with Ben and the Trampire filming together.  Of course her concerns were entirely legitimate since Kristen is a proven home-wrecking slut and Ben’s history of cheating is second to none.

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4 responses to “Jennifer Lopez To Reunite With Ben Affleck On Screen? Not If Jennifer Garner Can Help It!”

  1. Question is why??? Gigli and Jersey girl bombed.There’s no hope for them both.

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  4. Actually, I believe Ben loved Jen and Jen loved Ben. They were the loves of each other’s lives. Much like Dick and Liz.
    However, like Liz and Dick, the media stalked them and targeted them to break them up. They succeeded.
    Garner knows this.
    I cannot imagine how ANYONE can ignore the loves of their lives.
    Can you imagine?
    I met the man of my life. Since we were teenagers, it was magic. One Look. One touch. Making Love. Even the arguments. Filled with such emotion. Such life.
    How can you imagine losing that emotion and then losing it?
    Someone once told me, “You and your husband have FIRE. It is the FIRE that one searches for all of their lives, but not many find it.”
    That is how it was for Ben and Jen and they both know it, feel it, sense it, remember their Love Making.
    Impossible — Impossible — Impossible to Ever Ever Ever to forget.
    I’m sure Garner is very, very jealous. She was married once before. Perhaps she felt it then. She is desperate for it. But she knows her current relationship with her husband does not have it now. He is staying only due to duty for their children. She knows this. She knows her relationship is a Rebound relationship. She entered into it knowing it. That is why she is so desperate now.
    I personally hope that Ben and Jen get back together, Just for True Love’s sake. They LOVE each other. They are deserving in finding Love’s Light.